The Newest Roku TV partner is Hitachi America which joins the growing list companies. The sales are about to begin in the fall, and the company is going to release the models on the user choice. The customers can choose from 4K Ultra HD and HD (1080P) models with the various sizes and features. Initially, the additional Roku device is needed to access the Roku content on the TV, but now without the need of the separate device one can access the Roku.

The previous device is Roku 4, which was released in the month of October 2015. This device is capable of streaming the 4K Video. After joining with the Haier in early 2015 launch and the other brand Insignia, Roku TV has accounted the best for the 8% of the US smart TV market in the previous year with more than 40 models on the sale across the country.

In this year, Company is looking forward to shipping more than 60 models from six brands including TCL, Sharp and the Hitachi.

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The achievement obtained by the Roku TV program lead them to bring closer to reaching the goal of the Roku OS in every TV said by Chas Smith, senior vice president and general manager of Roku TV and Players

The models in the Roku TV featured with the personalised home screen, and the user can access to the things like consoles, games and Blu-ray players, as well as streaming the 3,000 channels and 350,000 movies and the television episodes.

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Roku TV will arrive in HD and 4K UHD resolution with the screens in different sizes from 24 inches to 65 inches. Chas Smith promised, more details are about Hitachi Roku TV models in the coming months.