Oculus has announced the Earphones and Touch Controllers during the company’s third annual Oculus Connect developer conference. These touch controllers also include the additional sensor and a connector for Rock Band VR.

The buyers who do pre-order will get two free games, ‘VR Sports’ and The Unspoken. During the launch of controllers, there are dozens of new titles available. Oculus Earphones for Rift also announced in the launch, which offers a substantial bass response.

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According to the company, it maintains an excellent mid/high level for a well-balanced sound signature. These earphones even included with the passive noise isolation for not getting distracted.


Apart from these hardware accessories, Oculus has also unveiled Oculus Avatars. This lets you customize your VR identity from more than billion variations available. These Avatars were available at the touch launch and for the mobile in next year.

Another interesting feature introduced is Oculus Parties. This lets you start a voice call up to with eight people from anywhere in the VR. So this enables you to meet up with your friends in VR instantly.

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You can hangout, watch movies or both can launch the same app simultaneously. In coming weeks both the Parties and rooms are getting shipped for Gear VR, with the rift launch is scheduled in early 2017.


Mark, Facebook CEO has shared some VR chat features for the Rift which includes the live video call, games, and selfie with the virtual avatar. Facebook Co-Founder comes with the demo of the standalone VR headset. This Oculus product platform is very portable and also includes inside-out tracking.

These touch controllers come with the price tag of $199, and Touch Earphones comes with the price $49. These accessories will shipped from December 2016. So guys who want to pre-order, have to wait till October 10, 2016.


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