A phone saves the life of a man from a bullet fired. This is something unorthodox statement to hear or read. After reading the few incidents that took place around the globe, one can come to the conclusion whether it is orthodox or unorthodox statement.

In a recent that happened in Afghanistan proves this statement to be true. A man was shot by a bullet. But he survived because of the Nokia 3310 model phone. In this era of smart phones, many jokes were cracked on social media regarding the usage of those model phones. But the same model has proved to be a life saver. The model was released in 2013.

Looking into the details, a man was shot in Afghanistan but the bullet hit the phone and got struck into the device itself. This has made the bullet stop from entering his chest. The images are made available in support of the news.

Samsung Galaxy 7 Smartphone Saved Life of 10 People: Read The Story

This image is posted on the social media site. Interestingly the image is shared by Peter Skillman who was a part in designing mobile. He is presently the general manager at Microsoft for user experience in Windows Desktop.

Taking this opputunity, there are other incidents that came to limelight. smart phones like the Nokia Lumia 520 and Huawei P8 Lite were also in this catagory of catching bullets. Nokia Lumia 520 saved a police man’s life in Brazil.

HTC smart phone saved a man in Florida way back in 2013. The incident was also something interesting. A robber fired a bullet in his abdomen the smart phone saved it from puncturing that part of the body.

In another incident Samsung smart phone saved a man’s life in Paris attacks that happened last year. Anyhow, recently the Note 7 battery issue was gained more popularity than the life saving news.


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