On Wednesday, the major version of Android N application program interface got finalized and ready to roll out to the consumer. It seems that Wednesdays release is the 4th developer preview of Android N which includes Android N final SDK.

Google officially not announced the name “NameyMcNameface” but in the latest preview version, after updating when you continuously tap on the Android version located in settings in about phone option. You will see a big letter N, with a sign on it “Name McNameface.”

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The most awaiting version of Google Android is Android N in which the naming rights are given to the public. So the suggested names are Nutella, Nankhatai, Nayyappam, Nachos, etc.

But Google’s earlier versions of Android are always with the names of different types of candy (sweets), so probably this “NameyMcNameface” might not be the final one.

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The “NameyMcNameface” looks like “BoatyMcBoatface”. If you could able to remember British people suggested a similar name for $200 million research vessel which happened on April this year. But Google will not use any name rather than Sweets (Candy) for Android.

Android N will officially arrive in August or Sept is featuring spilt-screen mode, screen zoom in, OTA updates, launcher shortcuts, data saving mode, new emoji and Doze power saving feature.