Apart from Men, Women entrepreneurs are paving their way for business equally. It is found that these entrepreneurs are found to be literate. The states with the highest proportion of educated women are namely Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Maharashtra.

These states account about 53% (4.3 million) of women-owned business establishments nationwide. It is found that more than 33% of women population lives in these states – according to the India’s sixth Economic Census 2012.

Apart from rest of the world, the Indian Women Entrepreneurship unfolds many things from its evolution. In the past, Women in India are quite the opposite to the present day women who owns a business. Gradually the rate of literacy and entrepreneurs is booming up with women.

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Encouragement for the women entrepreneurship was given by the present government of India in the recent past years. This scope for women is opened by NDA government headed by NarendraModi for the previous two years. Irrespectively the statistics convey that lot more has to be done regarding empowering and promoting women entrepreneurs.

Women’s equivalent access and control over the financial resources and economy is crucial for achieving gender equality and women empowerment which equals and sustains the economic development and growth of the country.

Comparing the Women Entrepreneurship with Women Literacy rate among all the states, Tamil Nadu stands first in the list with (13.5%)- Women Entrepreneurship with 73.4% Women Literacy rate. On the literacy rate, Tamil Nadu stands third by the state.

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Kerala is the second state in the list after Tamil Nadu with (11.3%)- Women Entrepreneurship who runs a successful business and conquers 92.1% literacy rate. Kerala by state stands first with its highest in literacy rate.

Followed by Kerala, Andhra Pradesh is listed in the third place in with (10.5%) are of business women and the literacy rate was graphed to 59.1%.


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