In the latest development, Consumer Affair Minister Ram Vilas Paswan has proposed some of the suggestions in related to the Consumer Protection Bill 2015.

Earlier, a Parliamentary Standing Committee has studied various country laws in this regard and made some of the recommendations. The same are given to the minister. Now, the minister is forwarding the same recommendations for the cabinet approval.

As per the recommendations that are drafted for approval include making the celebrities responsible for endorsing harmful and fake products. And if done, what will be the action of law against them.

Minister Paswan is in favor of this bill with the view of making few adjustments. The actual recommendations made by the Parliamentary committee are 3 years to 5 years term of jail and Rs.50 lakh fine. However, in regarding the term of jail, the minister is not so positive. He is more focused on life time ban on the celebrities.

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Till date there is no law for taking action against celebrities who act in the advertisements for misleading the consumers. There were many incidents when some of the citizens have filed a few cases against the celebrities for misleading advertisements. But because of no strict law prevailing, they were able to come out easily. This introduction will certainly bring responsibility among the celebrities in promoting the products.

There is also a proposal from the consumer ministry that the advertisements should be categorized in three groups – Health, food and general. Depending upon the category, heavy fines and punishments should be included in making the law.

Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley is the head for approving these proposals. The finance ministry already introduced the Consumer Protection Bill 2015 in Lok Sabha.

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These recommendations made will also be included in the bill while passing. A brief discussion will take place in both the houses of Parliament (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha). After getting nod from the house, the bill will become law.

One more missing aspect in this proposal is, if a foreign actor or actress acts in the harming advertisement then what should be the treatment. This is not discussed. Hopefully, in parliament this will be taken up while discussions.