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Nissan’s Latest Invention Self-Driving Chairs to work on Propilot Technology

Japan has found a way to make life more comfortable with the innovation of self-driving chairs. Prominent car manufacturer Nissan is the pride owner of this invention. The company’s Mobility vision aimed to create a new generation of motorized, smart and emission-free vehicles which mainly focuses on comfort, performance, and safety. These self-driving chairs also minimize the risk of unsafe conditions.

The company has released a video on Tuesday re-enacting a hectic restaurant with clients waiting outside. All they are sitting in chairs in a row and they don’t need to stand up when the dinner is called to a table.

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The chairs equipped with the electronic technology will detect the seat ahead and glide forward along the line. The empty chair in the front will automatically move out of pole position. The new system resembles the Nissan’s autonomous vehicle technology and will be out for a pilot run in selected restaurants in Japan this year.

Self-driving chairs appeals to anyone who has queued for hours outside a crowded restaurant: it eliminates the tedium and physical strain of standing in line,” says, Nissan.

Tokyo has over 160,000 restaurants which are common with long queues. Especially when new varieties or favorite eateries. Presently, Nissan is inviting applicants of restaurants who wish to install the system.

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The technology named Propilot is adapted to maintain a safe distance away from the car moving in the front to prevent collisions. The chairs move along for the comfort of the chairs. The pro pilot chair will be on for display in Nissan’s gallery at its Yokohama headquarters from this Thursday.

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