The next Android version codenamed as N available for recent Nexus devices or Pixel C. 3D Touch style pressure sensitivity, split screen functioning and redesigned emojis are included in the new version as per the previous report. Now, according to the second Developer Preview on Android N, it seems like the updated version have few references to Virtual Reality.

First Developer Preview was released last month. First Preview states that the recent Nexus Devices or Pixel C users can now sign up for over-the-air updates, which is not intended for daily customer use. Second Developer Preview encloses references to “VR Listener” and “VR Helper” apps and a permission warning to inform users that the given apps will run only when it is used in virtual reality mode.

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Clear picture of “VR mode” is not yet available. But as per The Wall Street Journal February report, Google was tweaking Android to work better on VR devices prior to the launch of its own smartphone compatible VR headset which is similar to Samsung’s Gear VR. It is rumored that Google is also working on Standalone VR handset which functions without a smartphone or computer.

Google is been into VR sector for a while and its cardboard is the ultra-affordable virtual reality viewer. Well, the Android N is making it easier for the device manufacturers to create their own version of 3D touch pressure-sensitive screens which helps to write over and over.

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