Indian hacker carried out a massive Cyber Attack on Pakistan Government network and locked its data. In the last surgical strikes, Indian army destroyed terrorist infrastructure in Pakistan. ‘Ransomeware’ is the software employed in the hacking operation.

Indian experts claim that a hacker by name Vuppala Dhani infected the networks and took control over hundreds of computers of Pakistan government. He made the data inaccessible for users on the network by using a malicious program.

Indian Hackers Ready for Cyber-Attacks on Pakistan after Surgical Attacks

A cyber crime attack had begun between the hackers from India and Pakistan since 10 days after the Uri attack which claimed the lives of 19 Indian Jawans.

Many social media accounts from PoK and Pakistan are under the scanner of central security agencies, after Uri attack. However, Experts declare that the Indian hackers made an attack on Pakistan network only after Pakistani techies compromised 7,000 Indian websites after the surgical strike carried by Indian Army.

As per reports, a group of hackers with name ‘Pakistan Haxors Crew’ claimed the deface of 7,051 websites from India. The targeted sites include the official website of the National Green Tribunal and Bihar State Electronics Development Corporation.

Steps to Find Risk in Your Yahoo Account from Hackers

To even the score, Indian hackers had locked the computers of their counterparts in Pakistan. Techies from Pakistan offered to pay Bitcoins in return to Indian hackers to free their locked data. Conversely, patriotic Indian hackers refused the offer to surrender the decryption key needed to unlock the data.

“Indian hackers are technically sound and can easily spy or steal data from any country. But no one ever tried to bring young talents under one umbrella for information gathering,” says an Indian hacker.

Many cases reported earlier where Pakistani hackers target data of commercial establishments, and companies end up paying in the form of Bitcoins. Many Indian hackers declare that they are ready for launching a massive cyber attack on Pakistan’s cyberspace.


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