Snapchat Debuts to Hardware Products by Launching Sunglasses at $130

Snapchat has brought the revolution of quick photo and video sharing which users are experiencing these days. The app made sharing videos and photos much easy with their family and friends.

This extremely attractive app has been reportedly renamed to Snap Inc to the lineup with its present and future projects. In the recent past, Snapchat has evolved to offer news articles and became a platform for marketing outlet for international companies and brands.

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First hardware product of the company, followed by the renaming, called Spectacles. Just like a trendy pair of sunglasses, Spectacles come with a tiny Google Glass-like camera on the sides to record things happening in front of you.

As per the reports, the Spectacles features a button on the top, and when you tap the button near the hinge, it records a video up to 10 seconds from your first person vantage. As each new tap records another new video, you have to keep your finger on the button to complete recording one video.

The Spectacles sports a look of typical sunglasses with a tiny camera adjusted on both the sides to record view. The sunglasses use a 115-degree angle lens to simulate your vision. Eventually, the video it records will be in a circular one.

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Spectacles also provide an option of connecting to your smartphone for sharing the video instantly with your friends. It is quite a good thing to notice that you won’ observe any projection on the glasses like Google Glass.

At this moment, the product limited to videos, and you cannot take photos to snap them to your contacts.

Snap Inc. will announce the product for vend from this fall for $129.99 and available in black, coral and teal colors in the US. The company hasn’t revealed any plans of its sales outside the US.