Twitter is making a serious effort for Sale. The social networking company is getting slow down with some reasons and is ready to be sold out. It has talks concerning its acquisition with Salesforce, Microsoft, and Verizon. Even the Disney is considering a bid too. -  According to an official source.

The result would be efficient by combining the fastest and slowest social networks. Well, all the question raises here is which company will be the best for acquisition. The Company is struggling with monetization and growth, but still, it remains as a pulse for the planet generating real content and engagement.

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Besides YouTube will be the best match as it lacks form from the recent past with its performance. The collaboration of both Twitter and YouTube will be the best fit if Google is willing to pay for the Twitter.

Google has many of its products which can mesh well with Twitter. The Company is estimating for a total sum of $30million. Google can ingest Twitter’s data Firehorse which helps Google its goal of organizing the world’s information.

This would enable Google for more additional insights to look at what’s happening around the world and the reactions for the happenings. The other advantage for Google is, it can monetize all its data with combining to the Twitter’s data from AdWords and Adsense.

Apart from this, uniting Twitter’s constant chatter and YouTube’s  videos collection will be the best synergy totally. This firm integration synergy makes the frequency of the visitors re-visit the site for many times.

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The Twitter into YouTube alliance creates stuff with off-the-cuff Tweets and polished Videos. Al the whole collaboration creates one-stop-shop. YouTube has recently believed to design a logo replacing the old one with Twitter-style feature calling it as YouTube Community.

If Twitter unites with Google, that allows YouTube for tough competition with Facebook. As Facebook is forward and advanced in capturing an enormous number of audience with its video discovery.

Finally, Twitter could benefit from exposure through YouTube‘s mainstream for videos, especially for ten audiences.