Google Pixel Image Leaked in Online 

Google is planning to reveal their latest flagship model smartphone on October 4, 2016, which is less than a week away from now. This latest project is supposed to replacing the Google’s famous Nexus line with two different smartphones.

The clear image of the upcoming model has sourced in the several websites. The two future models are in the lineup to hit the market. In that one of the device comes with the 5-inch model called Pixel X and another model comes with 5.5-inch model Pixel XL. As per the reports and other sources, the phone will start the pricing at $649. During the Google I/O Note, Google might come up with the two smartphones called Marlin & Sailfish which are now said to Google Pixel’s X and XL.

Google Alleged Pixel and Pixel XL set to Release with Special Version of Android Nougat

Google CEO Sundar Pichai says, “The Company would be more opinionated about the design of the phones,” during an interview at the Code Conference. We have to consider the information as the pinch of salt and probably we have to wait till October 4th, 2016 what Google is going to put in the store for us.

There are a lot of viewers those are guessing from the leaked image and having the words on design and specifications of this smartphone. After viewing the Google Pixel smartphone from the leaked image, it shows that this phone is coming with the more simplistic design.

Google’s Nexus Launcher Now Becomes Pixel Launcher

The leaked image of the Google Pixel shows the Home screen of the smartphone. This is included with the Time on the top corner along with the Date below with big font. As shown in the pic, we can guess, for the Google Assistance, you have to swipe the Google symbol for accessing.

Some of the sites are even giving the expected specifications and features of this upcoming phone. But you have to wait till October 4, 2016, for the official note from the Google.