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Does Reliance Jio Selling Data to US and Singapore for Revenue Generation 

Reliance Jio is in the news for quite some time in a good sense. But the sudden news that erupted now seem to be not so goodwill increasing one for the company. Reliance Jio has now blamed as the seller of the most confidential data of its customers.

This is something not so good for the company as well as the customers. TRAI issued many rules and regulations related to customers data available with the company.

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The customer details should keep more secret and secured as they are personal. But the data is crucial for the advertising companies. Hence, they buy this personal data from the telecom companies.

Though this is a revenue generating aspect of the telecom company, the Telecom Authority of India has set some guidelines to protect the interests of customers. Now, Reliance Jio has been blamed for selling the customer’s data breaking the guidelines of TRAI.

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An Ad firm name has called in the news recently. Mad-me is the name of the company. A activists group reveals this. It has also alleged the company that apart from the mentioned firm name, various other ad agencies and firms have been provided with the data. US and Singapore companies are the primary purchasers of this data from Reliance.

On the other hand, Reliance Jio has condemned the news of selling data. But this has to be taken on a serious note as the data is related to personal details of the customer.

Earlier, Reliance Jio has announced the world’s cheapest data rates that shook the entire telecom world in India. But the latest news that has erupted seem to be real as the company may need to compensate the income loss while providing the low rates.



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