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Facebook buys Ozlo to make Messenger Smarter, Enables Stories with public

Tech Giant Facebook acquired Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup Ozlo to smartly build its Messenger. The purpose of this acquisition is to make Messenger service into a chatty virtual assistant that can answer your questions.

Ozlo is the four-year-old start-up which claims Virtual Assistants and provides answers which do not have simple ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. AI assistant can respond to questions based on data from multiple reviews.

The startup has 30 employees, where most of them will be joining Messenger in Facebook’s office.Facebook spokesperson Recode said,” They will be going to working with Messenger to continue their work with AI and machine learning.

Project insight information to provide information from Instagram, Facebook post

In official website ozlo quoted that ” working with Messenger, its team will ‘continue to work on building experiences powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.” Ozlo mentioned that its aim is to create a new interacting way for people to connect with each other. Ozlo had raised $14 million (£10.6 million) from some investors before Facebook’s acquisition, including US capital venture firm Greylock.

Facebook ‘Stories’ launched in the month March with caught public attention. Now, after several months of its launch, ‘Stories’ that are only visible for friends are now made ‘Public.’

Apparently, this feature is available on social media apps like ‘Snapchat’ and ‘Instagram.’ A representative from Facebook said,” This is something we rolled out a few weeks ago. The ‘Public’ setting allows your ‘Followers’ to see your story, in addition to your ‘Friends,”

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Poor India comment by Snapchat CEO led for downfall in-app rating

Poor India comment Hurts Snapchat Badly: Snapchat is experiencing the bad in recent times. While Facebook adopting its features is one major effect, controversial statements by CEO Evan Spiegel has added to it.

Now, users across India are sending hate mails, and boycott calls for this social app. Besides that, outraged users are leaving negative ratings on the App store. Snapchat notes single star customer rating for the present version as of Sunday morning.

Snapchat Planning to Launch a Android Smartphone: Report

The single star and 1.5 stars on the App store are recorded about 6,099 and 9,527 respectively. In contrast to this, the rating of the app notes 4 stars on Google Play store based up on 11,932,996 ratings.

A downfall in snapchat app rating is observed after a former employee claiming Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has no interest in expanding in poor countries like India and Spain. However, Indians didn’t end up on a lighter note and took social media to condemn the statement from CEO. Ratings of the Snapchat app were seen a dramatic downfall as a result.

Hate mails and comments are viral on the social media. Here we provide you few of them which describe the hatred of people on Snapchat CEO comments.

WhatsApp Status Updates Allows you to Share Photos, Videos, GIFs just like Snapchat Stories

“Poor India & Spain need better than Snapchat,” “Goodbye, My Snapchat Account and Snap Inc. You’ll be a product of gone by era and derision”, and “Poor Evan Spiegel.” A user wrote on Twitter.

“I was addicted to @Snapchat, but I love my country more than this app. Let’s see how you earn without Indians. @evanspiegel #boycottsnapchat,” another user wrote on Twitter.

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Facebook Messenger Day Feature rolled out to all its users globally

Facebook introduces Messenger Day, another Snapchat stories like feature. This new Facebook Messenger Day feature is being rolled out for all users globally. As of now, there is no word on the launch of the feature in Windows OS, but will be available on Android and iOS. Just like Instagram stories and Snapchat Stories, the videos or the photos uploaded to Messenger Day will last 24 hours. Recently, Facebook has launched the similar feature on its WhatsApp Messenger status.

This new Facebook Messenger Day feature comes with a built-in camera button to take photos instantly. Besides that, the user can also apply art and effects to their pictures before sharing with others. The Aa option provides more than 5000 effects, frames, and stickers for users to scribble on their photos.

Facebook Replaces its Old Desktop Inbox With the Web Version of Messenger

“At the end of last year, we launched Messenger’s new fast, powerful built-in camera to help make your conversations better than ever. We love seeing how much fun people are having with Messenger’s new visual tools, especially our most popular art and effects like floating hearts and recently, Mardi Gras frames,” Stan Chudnovsky, Head of Product for Messenger, mentioned in a Blog post.

All these shared photos and videos will last for 24 hours and get disappears then after. There is no limit on stories which user can upload on Messenger Day. Users can also delete them if they wish, and can also choose who can see their stuff.

Facebook Rolls Out Autoplay Sound, New TV app, Facebook Video Feature Update

You need to have an updates messenger app to have this Messenger Day feature. The user is also allowed to add videos or photos from the chat with their family or friends. However, User will be asked for the permission when they select the particular video or photo before sharing instantly.

Snapchat Planning to Launch a Android Smartphone: Report

Photo-sharing mobile service Snapchat is reportedly planning to launch an Android smartphone that will give consumers more control over the camera features.

“A California-based marketing firm has unveiled a concept handset equip with a 360-degree camera, buttons that let users scroll through filters and a one touch capture function for easy sharing,” Daily Mail reported.

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The device might also inlcude a lock screen that allows users to easily swipe for Snapchat notifications and updates, messaging, and syncing with Spectacles. It may also pack Discover screen that combines GPS and maps, Snapchat Stories, and advertisements.

Earlier this year, Snap Inc., parent company Snapchat, has made its long-awaited initial public offering (IPO) filing public, seeking to raise up to $3 billion.

Snapchat aims to derive most of its revenue from advertising where it will compete against Google, Facebook and Twitter.

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Snap Inc. has recently rolled out major changes in its app that will make it easier to navigate the app with a universal search bar that’s always accessible at the top of the app. Snapchat is also introducing “Our Story”  a new global live story that any user can contribute to at any time.


Snapchat is now featured with “Filter Games”: Check out the details

Snapchat is the mobile application where users can do image messaging and multimedia. Snapchat has come up with the new games feature selfie filter games which have appeared for the users to create this new addicting feature which is going to be the new dominant feature.

Earlier in the month of March, Snapchat has tested the limited run of Sponsored Kraft Mac & Cheese game, the user has to catch the noodles in your mouth. In the next month, it is offered with the unsponsored puzzle face game and where you have to slide the tiles around for reconstructing the image of your face in less amount of time.

Facebook launches Snapchat-like app called Flash

Previously, Snapchat has allowed some traditional snap ads in discover to be swiped up to launch a web browser with the game inside like Serena Williams tennis game and the Under Armor Cam Newton game. These weren’t built by the Snapchat or hosted by default in the app. Instead, they were designed by the ad agencies and hosted on the web.

Now Snapchat is offering its well-produced native game called Santa’s Helper. This is embedded in one of the first lens shown today. Just open the camera, and you can find it. Then hold on your face for scanning it and then you choosing the Santa’s Helper Lens.

Whatsapp New Feature: Clone of Snapchat Status

This game will place your face into an elf body JibJab-style, and then you tilt the device your back and forth to steer yourself down a ski slope. Parallel you have to collect the presents and avoid the obstacles. You can take a photo or the video at any time, and you can post it and share it with your friends for challenging them to beat your score.

So what you are waiting for? Try these new features by downloading the snapchat and play the featured game on your device.

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