No more needles to take blood samples for testing glucose levels. The latest innovation is trying to provide a solution which is painless for those who wish to know their sugar or glucose levels in their bodies. This will be very much useful for the diabetic patients as they are required to test their glucose levels at regular intervals. Body wearable bands may replace needles in future for glucose level testing.

Technology advancement in this regard is appreciable as it can provide a simple, easy, safe and painless solution for testing the glucose levels in human body. The sensor bands are soft to wear and absorb sweat from the body and calculate the glucose levels.

The achievement is the result of a team of researchers working on how to monitor glucose levels in the body without taking blood. The research is being taken up at University of Wollongong in Australia.

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Japan’s National Institute of Materials Science Professor Mr. Yusuke Yamauchi has briefed about the working and development of these wearable bands.

The making of this device comprises of senses based on copper which can absorb sweat from body and calculate. In general copper is hard material that cannot be fabricated so easily. But the team has done that using some of the techniques. Copper is turned into penetrable structure so that liquid or air may pass through.

Care has been taken in the band development as it exposure to air can affect the performance. Hence, researchers mixed copper solution with Polystyrene to develop Polystyrene balls which have copper coating outside.

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Similar to electroplating methods and using UV light tiny holes are made to Polystyrene balls so that they absorb sweat. The size of these holes is about 10,000 times thinner when compared to human hair thickness.

Overall, the shape will be like a thin film. Soft and easy to wear shape has been made. After intensive testing the research team has stated that the quality and performance of the sensor bands is almost accurate towards glucose oxidation. Smart watch like structure makes it easy to wear and also can send the reports wirelessly.