Google rolls out their “Find your Phone” service for the IOS users. As of now this update is available for the Android users only. This feature is available for the Apple devices for iPads and iPhones.

Google has the ‘Find Your Phone’ service; this feature is helpful to identify your device when it is stolen or lost. To view this feature, the user has to login to their Google account and navigate to the My Account section. Under this, you can able to notice the ‘Find your Phone’ option. If any user lost or stolen the device, then he can perform some operations to save the device.

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The user can identify the exact location of the device and can able to lock the device remotely. The user can give a ring to his device for the identification. When the user gives the ring to his device, the ring will appear on the screen with the high volume. If you want to erase or wipe out your data on the phone, you can able to execute it from the same section.

This Find and Lock the device feature is not available for the iPhone users earlier, and the iPhone users have to navigate to the iCloud website, and they have to utilise the services in the Apple’s iCloud site. With the latest update from the Google, the tools to find the lost phone are helpful, and the user can sign out of his Google account remotely.

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Google’s My account page is launched last year separately for accessing all the security and sign in features. The privacy settings and other security options can be enabled from this account. The more settings like Ad settings, privacy settings, profile settings, Accessibility, connected devices and apps, security check ups and more were included in the Google’s My Account page.