When you have a quarrel with your other half, you might feel a little disappoint, stomping off to the pub or just stealing the last slice of pizza. But what you likely didn’t expect that you find in the list of eBay.

This sounds crazy right!!! But this exactly happened to the Leandra, 27, from Wakefield. After an argument with her husband, the father-of-two decided to sell his wife on eBay. Moving to the details, the 33-year old Simon O’ Kane in the UK puts his wife on eBay for sale, and he claims that she was unsympathetic.

 ‘Ghost Town’ On Sale for $350,000 On Craigslist

The shocking news is that it was staggered to receive 65,880pounds of bids in two days. He even posted an image of his wife on the auction site eBay alongside with an advertisement entitled as ‘Used Car’ and also detailing his reasons for selling, pros & cons of the purchase.

He highlighted her ‘decent bodyworks and skills in the kitchen’. While positives include bodywork, paintwork and good skills in the kitchen, negatives include noise creation and food cooked ended up the people in hospital on few occasions. In Terms & Conditions Apply section he even wrote, Once you brought cannot return, Ever!!.

Leandra wasn’t exactly thrilled to find her husband and wanted to find her husband and included, “I was absolutely fuming – I wanted to kill him. “Everyone at work saw it and were laughing their heads off. Not only did he put me up for sale but he used such a bad photo. She threatened to get revenge on him through ‘his wallet.”

Thankfully, eBay removed the post and wasn’t long for more time and hopefully saves them.