Introducing The First Ever Bhojpuri Rap Song by Gangster Yadav

Music has evolved through centuries through various dynamics which has seen Pop stars, Ghazal artists, Classical, Blues, Rock. Perhaps the most popular or trending being Rap music which has graced its powerful presence in Film Industries, Music Videos, and Songs.

Till now you were seeing the sensational Punjabi songs with of Yo Yo Honey Singh (originally Hirdesh Singh) and Badshah (originally Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia) contributing with their heart and soul to touch the lives of their fans, but now, Bhojpuri music industry has his own star in creation.

YES! We are talking about recently released a song by Gangster Yadav aka Chandan Rai. He has brought a storm in the Bhojpuri music industry where every big music director and producer is talking about him. This guy has given FIRST HINDI - BHOJPURI RAP SONG to the industry which got viral in few hours of launch.

Till now people were flowing in the tunes of Bohemia, Honey Singh, and Badshah but now, this guy seems to be an emerging competition to these big names. OHH YES! You heard it right.

People have already started talking about his entry in Bollywood and are waiting for his hit rap numbers in Bhojpuri centric movies like Dabang, Gangs of Wasseypur, PK, and similar upcoming projects.

It seems now Bhojpuri music lovers have taken a breath of relieving seeing this handsome and super rapper taking the industry in a new direction.

Legends Gracing the Rising Bhojpuri Music Culture

It is simply outstanding the way rap culture is being gracefully accepted by true rap loving music fans who understand the taste of rap and Bhojpuri blend, the perfect cocktail to give the best kick which is sure to stay and make you feel happy & high.

Bhojpuri music is getting revived, and you can smell the freshness it has to offer and the pure aroma that indulges one in a feeling of happiness, a pursuit of some fine Bhojpuri rap music which is both soothing and that certain element of heat to spice up your life which may otherwise be dull and boring.

Gangster Yadav new Hindi Bhojpuri Rap song is a true example of changing culture of Bhojpuri music Industry and has set a new landmark in the history of Bhojpuri music.

Unparallel Experience for Expressing your Innermost Feelings

Music has no limits, and it travels from the heart of the singer or rapper and to the millions of souls or hearts it touches. Music is peace, and music is meditation and music is that power with which one finds their way back into the life which all roads may appear to close.

There can’t be a parallel form of joy to express the rise of Bhojpuri culture in an award winning Bollywood movies and with legends of Rap music making their sinful (addictive) contribution to make the generations go crazy and enjoy dancing to the rapping sensational music remix which is truly mind blowing.

Not just in India but people across the world from various ethnicity are embracing Bhojpuri music wholeheartedly thus proving critics with statistics that Bhojpuri music is going to dominate the world of Music and the Rap Cult soon. Enjoy the latest in Bhojpuri Music, the Bhojpuri Rap Song Remixes and be part of the history in making!


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