Airbags and Over Speed Alarms May Bring Down Death Toll

In a step to minimize the road accidents that take place in India at an alarming rate. Central Government of India has decided to take strict measures. These will be made mandatory once the legal cell permits the proposals made by Transport Ministry.

As a part of the drafted plans, vehicle manufacturers from now should include Airbags and Speed alarming systems. These are mandatory as these two are the major causes that lead to deaths in accidents.

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Airbags are intended to protect the life to the maximum extent when an accident occurs. Speed limit alarming is also another safety measure that is suggested. There are quite lags in implementing the overspeed alarm.

As per Indian standards and road conditions, the speed limit cannot be justified. There cannot be an ordinary speed fixed for driving conditions. Hence it will certainly be a matter of concern for the manufacturer as well as Road Transport Authorities.

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Coming to another proposal of the Road Transport Authority of India, the speed calculating cameras will be set up for monitoring the over speed travelling vehicles. The functionality will be similar to that of other countries.

Till date, there is no system or rule in India regarding the safety measures of a vehicle while manufacturing. But now, this seems to be a loophole in curbing the accidental deaths. It is sad to know that India stands next to China not only in population census but also in accidents.

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Both countries are back to back in the figures of accidental deaths that occur every year. The increase in growth rate of accidents is a matter of concern and hence, the Indian government has decided to take stringent measures to minimize them.

Traffic rules and other measures have not helped to lower the accidental deaths. Therefore, the root level is chosen. The safety features in the vehicle will assist in minimizing the deaths.

Unlike in foreign countries, India does not stress on Crash Tests conducted by NCAP while starring the safety of the vehicle. This also a mandatory step that is to be followed by the Government. Hopefully, the latest security measures come to real time implementation and decrease the death rate in accidents.