Pizza Making Robots in Silicon Valley 

Did you imagine that a robot serves you a pizza, then it will be surprising for those who visit Silicon Valley, Zume. In the back kitchen of Mountain View’s newest pizzeria, Marta works tirelessly, she doesn’t complain, and has never asked sick leaves, spreads marinara sauce on uncooked pies and she works for free.

Are you eager to know who this restless worker is? Marta is one of the two robots working at Zume pizza. It is a secretive food delivery stamp trying to make a profitable pizza business with machines. Right now Zume is only feeding people in Mountain View, California.

Zume is one of the growing food-tech firms and seeking to improve restaurant industry with software and robots. They are also planning to create special delivery trucks that will prepare the pizzas during the journey.

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“We automate those repetitive tasks, so that we can spend more money on higher quality ingredients,” said Julia Collins, Zume’s CEO and co-founder. “There will always be a model here at Zume where robots and humans work together to create delicious food.”

“We’re trying to automate some of the stations you might find in restaurants,” said co-founder Jay Reppert. “It’s quicker, it’s cheaper, it’s more consistent and it’s this really fun experience to share with people.”

The process of preparing pizza involves some humans, they actually make and spin out the dough, adding cheese and toppings. Inside Zume’s kitchen, a glass box separates the robots from humans. Currently, a robot named Marta adds sauce to the pizza dough within two seconds and then travels on the conveyor belt to humans who add different toppings and cheese.

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Here comes another robot named Bruno, a 5feet tall grey automation places the pizzas in an 850-degree oven. In August, Zume wants to start cooking pizzas in the delivery trucks. Even truck consists of 56 ovens that can be turned on and off remotely.


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