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The Whole Film market is celebrating Indywood Film Carnival which is organized by Telangana Chief Minister, Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao, at world’s largest studio Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad. Indywood Film Carnival will attract over 2000 delegates from 80 countries. Last year All Lights India International Film Festival 2015 held in Kochi and now in 2016 in RFC, Hyderabad.

The carnival is organized by All Lights Film Society and co-host by Ramoji Film City. Indywood Film Carnival attendees are Business heads, film industry professionals, entrepreneurs, journalists, media expertise, and industry aspirants from all corners of the world.

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Brand Ambassador from different film industry promotes Indywood Film Carnival. Mohanlal from Malayalam, Kamal from Tamil, Sudeep from Kannada, Venkatesh from Telugu, Ravi Kishan from Bhojpuri, and Subodh Bhave from Marathi, etc.

Indywood Film Carnival

  • Indywood Days: Four Days Carnival
  • Venue: Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad, Telangana
  • Events
  1. Indywood Film Market
  2. All Lights India International Film Festival
  3. Indywood Talent Hunt 2016
  4. Indywood Film Business Awards
  5. Golden Frame Awards
  6. Investor’s Meet
  7. Product & Project Launches
  8. Film Business Quiz
  9. Indywood Interactions (Conference & Panel Discussions)
  10. Workshops & Seminars
  11. Media Interactions
  12. Indywood Excellence Awards
    1. Maritime Excellence
    2. Media Excellence Awards
    3. CSR
    4. Medical Excellence
  13. Film Tourism
  14. Miss Indywood 2016
  15. Red Carpet Events & Networking Parties

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Note: Talent Hunt Registration extended to 8th September

Indywood Event Schedule

Indywood Film Carnival Event Schedule


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