Russian elections: Vladimir Putin’s Pro-Putin Party Winning

The ruling United Russia Pro-Putin party has a comfortable won in the parliamentary regional and municipal elections. The Russian President Vladimir Putin has obtained 44.5%, according to the exit polls in the Russia.

Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, has own second with 15.3 percent while Russia’s Communist Party occupied next place with 14.9 and 18.1 percent respectively. Further, ten parties did not receive many votes and didn’t make in the parliament elections. But some of their party members could still enter the parliament due to constituency rates.

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There are several reports of voting irregularities. Reporters at one polling station in Mordovia region of central Russia has witnessed several people after ballot their vote, coming back later and voted again. Election officials have no evidence of large scale voting.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has arrived at the Parliament, where the PM has delivered a speech to the party members and thanked the Putin, who is the party founder and his support for the party by visiting the campaign office in Moscow.

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Medvedev called these elections as a victory for the party. Vladimir Putin said “as he visited the United Russia campaign office. The situation is not easy, and people see it - and they want the political system and society to remain stable”. Ordinary people know that empty promises are worth nothing,” he added.

According to the Russian Election Committee, around 39.37 percent of voting had done two hours before the polling stations closed. Moscow and St. Petersburg are the two Russian regions with lower turnout.

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The total 20 percent of voting has done in the Russian capital and 16.12 percent in the St. Petersburg. It is also the first time that the mixed principles had been used in the elections in the State Duma since 2003, 2007 and 2011.

Nearly fourteen political parties have been taken part in the State Duma elections. In Russia, every person with the age of 18 is eligible to cast the vote, except for the prisoners and incapable persons. The total number of voters cast their vote is about 111.6 million in Russia while 2 million of them are living abroad.