Google’s new Android Wear, the uncommon watch that comes with snap and swap by interchanging the straps. This let to change the straps according to the day to day activities. So the watch lets you be different from workout to a work place. Android Wear is striving to compete with Apple Watch released a year ago. This comes with the MODE technology which lets you gear up your look and no sweat.

One can change these straps as per the instance. These straps are available in flavors of colors. The material for the strap is available in two variants Silicon and Pure leather. Wear allows you to attach what you want and where you want to the watch.

Attaching and detaching of the straps made easy with the Google¬†partnership with b&nd by Hadley Roma. You can switch to your favorite straps. ‚ÄúThe band for every moment‚ÄĚ is the motto of the Android wear.

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Switching of the straps for this android wear is easy and simple. Use the silicon strap during the workout and real leather strap at the workplace. Be different when you are in the party, tune with the unique pattern straps, that‚Äės a dilly in the daily life activities. If you want to get this watch and worried about the sizes, then this will be helpful for you. Android Wear lets you check the right band size for you, to choose from the collection of available watches.

Know more about the snap and swap with the details given here. Switching bands are as simple as a click.

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This band has quick release feature, use the tool to release the pins and remove your old band. Now pop pins into place. Attach any MODE-compatible band by snapping on it. Now your watch is ready to go.

Each strap price is ranged between $50 to $60 and the variants are available in 10 leather and six silicon straps.

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Android Wear is available for purchasing through the online at Google Store, BestBuy, and


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