Uri Attack: 17 military personnel of India were killed by four militants who are believed to be Pakistanis near the town Uri (near Line of Control) in a pre-dawn ambush in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Around 19-30 others soldiers are seriously injured. Combing has been stared in that perimeter.

The deadliest attack on the Army base was at around 5:30 a.m on 18 September 2016. This attack is reported as the deadliest on Indian security personnel for two decades.

Terrorists kill 17 soldiers and 30 were injured in Uri Terror Attack

Tweets of popular celebrities like Amitabh Bachan, Shah rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Akshay Kumar,  Virat Kohli, Sehwag, AnupamKher lent their support and condolences to the brave soldiers who lost their life.

Amitabh tweeted summarizing that “ Prayers for the Jawans who lost their lives, sorrowful but, outraged to what has happened .”

Shah Rukh Khan tweeted “ Feeling sad about to hear the cowardly attack. Prayers to the families of the martyred soldiers. Soon they must be punished.”

Virender Sehwag tweeted “ Pains to see this; they had a Family, a Son, a Daughter and they serving our mother land ”

Virat Kohli tweeted “ Seeing this fills me with emotions which can’t be explained To all brave hearts … JAI HIND”

Narendra Modi also tweeted “ We firmly condemn the cowardly attack in Uri. All will be punished who are behind this attack. Salute to the brave hearts, there service will always be remembered.”

Priyanka Chopra tweeted “ Condolences to the Families and Salute to the Soldiers, My heart broke.”

Other nations like UK, France, USA, have condemned this terrorist attack on the Indian brave martyrs and sympathies to their families.

The killed militants are believed to be Pakistanis, as the recovered weapons and grenades like 4 AK-47 guns, four Under Barrel Grenade Launchers are having Pakistani markings.


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