Does Siri behind Apple’s developer’s conference? I was raising the query since last week that Siri might use as a personal digital assistant at Apple’s WWDC 2016.

The biggest move Apple take up is iPhone assistant as third party developers for inclusion in their apps by using voice commands. AI experts applauded the move as an important step forward as the number will use artificial intelligence as it becomes well.

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Google Now, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana are already available to developers, but Apple Siri somehow delayed to open this platform. As of now Siri is five years old and stills adding more improvements, CEO of Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence and a professor at the University of Washington said.

Now, Apple is trying to include computer programming that involves Artificial Intelligence such as speech recognition. “This is a new platform war with enormous stakes,” said Gary Morgenthaler, a venture capitalist invested for Siri when it was a start-up. It will challenge the search and a market capitalization of Google.

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The tech giant, Apple purchased Siri, which became a cultural touchscreen after its release on iPhone. So, finally Tim cook’s Apple is in the hunt, working on this, there may be a step behind the Google, but I would say they are close enough to leave him in the dust.

Siri is like an SDK Domain access but with a narrow focus. So they include Messaging, Phone Calls, Photo search, ride booking, private payments, and workouts. Sirikit will also be open for access to play whereas can control in-car climate and the radio viz the automakers apps.


But definitely, Siri is a future star that never had its moment at the WWDC 2016. So Apple can simultaneously deliver.