Earlier this week, Google released Duo after a few months of its announcement at I/O developers conference. Search engine giant introduced Duo with an idea to make video chat much simpler. However, it doesn’t stand unique among the other video calling apps as it lacks voice call feature. Now, Duo focused on it and will be out soon on next update.

Duo’s interesting feature ‘knock knock’ provides a preview of the caller. A little notice will be observed by the caller who initiated the call, stating that your video is visible. This means the recipient can see what caller is doing. Unfortunately, only Android users can make use of the ‘knock knock’ feature regardless the app is opened or not. Whereas in iPhone, users can only see the preview if the app is opened.

Duo, Google’s new video chatting App is out

Amit Fulay, Google’s product lead for communication, states that audio-only calls are coming soon to Duo, also assured that could be at any point in time. Google is busy in including the feature in a video calling app as the app has already been tied to users mobile number, it seems there is no point to  having voice calls through Duo. The only case this feature is highly applicable is, when there is no availability of cellular coverage but with stronger Wi-fi.

Google mentioned that it is focusing on retooling the hangouts to serve better. The company is slowly improving hangouts by adding functionalities like low power mode and video messaging. It’s also been working on the earlier promised Allo. A buzz is that Allo predicts responses based on the conversation with another person. It would be soo nice to see a single service offers the combination of all these features.


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