Viv first on stage demo

Viv, a virtual assistant with Artificial Intelligence, was demoed on stage at an event named Disrupt Hackathon 2016 in New York City. The live demo of the next generation voice assistant was impressive and received applauds from the crowd seated below.

Creators of Apple’s Siri Adam Cheyer &Dag Kittlaus along with a team, had made this future virtual assistant integrating with different services. As they had already stated about its demo last week, working performance was shown on live stage. Kittlaus introduces Viv to the audience present at the event.

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The presentation carried out in a way that the co-founder of Viv started asking different questions regarding the weather to which the AI voice assistant had responded very quickly with accurate answers. Mr.Kittlaus had given some tasks on voice to Viv, which were performed in a very less time.

He also explained the working process of Viv, which differs from most of the existing virtual assistants. As most of them rely on hard code finds tough to decode when different accent or typical questions are given. Such problems do not occur with Viv since it is capable of generating its code quickly by picking up keywords and information points. It will be functioning as a personal assistant in the case of Interpretation and decoding.


Kittlaus called Viv as “software that’s writing itself”. Due to this ability to generate dynamic code, it can scale extremely quickly, adapts to the accent of the users and queries thrown at it, rather than relying on the built-in system. He described that the personal assistant’s success is mainly due to the integration with third-party services like Uber and Venom.

On speaking about the rumours of Viv’s acquisition he said that “Yeah you’ve heard about them, you can read about it probably.”The founders of Viv had already turned down the offers regarding the acquisition made by the Tech giants and expressed their decision to travel alone.

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During the presentation, he showed the internal working of the virtual voice assistant. He quoted that” For consumers Viv is the Intelligent interface to everything whereas for developers it’s the next major marketplace and channel for offering content, commerce and services.

The third party mobile application is at the final stage of development and expected to launch by the end of this year.


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