Micro-blogging website Twitter suspended 360000 accounts for promoting terrorism. The company is working over the last 6 months to keep people away from using Twitter for extremist causes. Earlier, Twitter found more than hundred thousand accounts violating policies and promoting terrorism. Previously, Twitter has come under fire from Washington and third-party groups for not taking measures to stop Islamic State militants linked accounts.

Twitter started suspending the accounts provoking violence and terror in the middle of 2015. The suspensions were found about 80 percent daily since it started its fight against spam. 235000 accounts were suspended in the past six months, found most of which are Islamic state related ones.

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The company made the progress which shortens the amount of time that violators are on Twitter, decreasing the number of followers and disorganising the capability of offenders to return immediately. The process also helped its team for reviewing complaints of extremism, encouraged partnering with law enforcement, other social platforms and non-government agencies.

Social networking giant Facebook also restricted 32100 instances of terror victims in Paris saying that it has a “hard line” towards terrorists and terrorism. Facebook also removed the profile of Tashfeen Malik, a San Bernardino shooter.

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Primarily, the company relies on the user reports to recognise offending accounts. This increases the size of a team reviewing reports. Although an algorithm cannot identify an extremist propaganda, Twitter thanks spam-fighting tools for helping in identifying repeat offenders who create new accounts once when they got suspend.

“Our work is not done. Our efforts continue to drive meaningful results, including a significant shift in this type of activities. We will continue to invest in both technology and other resources in the future, and you can expect us to update our progress regularly.” Twitter said in a blog post.


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