Disney has come up with a solution for all the parents who are fed up with the Parental Guidance apps. Kids these days are drenching in the digital world and are active in each medium of social connectivity. The main worry for a typical parent nowadays is, mobile phones overtook the purpose of communication and took control over child’s life.

Disney announced its version of social app ‘Disney Mix’ which enables to chat, play and share. This new social messaging app is safe and family-friendly for kids. A recent study estimates more than 90% of teens are spending about 7.5 hours a day on average to access Digital media. This app ensures parent a very safe and violation free chat when their kid is using the app. Entertainment giant, Disney developed an app very user-friendly, and it allowed access for children of “4+” age.

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Disney Mix assures a high-end privacy messages can be exchanged only when a user approved the request from that member. Users can have the option to follow official Disney accounts, which keeps them updated about new Disney channel content, movies, videos. Etc. Disney has taken special safeguard to prevent issues like online harassment to provide a neat chat app.

“You can only send messages to someone if you have both accepted a friend request. Disney Mix has filters in place to make chats safer. Inappropriate chat, language, and personal information will be blocked by these filters and you’ll see dashes instead of words when something is blocked,” Disney mentioned in a description.

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Violation of community guidelines can be reported quickly just by a tap on “whistle” icon in any chat window. The reported conversation will be sent to Disney’s moderator team and after a review, the violated user will be served a temporary or a permanent ban from the chat app. Apart from text messages, Disney Mix also allows parents and kids to play interactive games and share stickers.

Presently it doesn’t support photo and video sharing, and it is expected to be available in the next update. The developer made the app available on Android and iOS platforms.


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