The world famous Eiffel tower was evacuated by police yesterday.Its been closed after Security officials found an abandoned luggage said the reports. Authorities locked down the landmark Eiffel tower after the visitors were evacuated.

By 9pm it was declared as a false alarm and the situation was returned to normal.France has been on high alert post-Islamic terror attack, which happened last month while celebrating Bastille Day and killed 84 people. In the month of November last year, terror attacks hit various parts of Paris. Hence, Police and military forces are scrutinising each and every person and packages with at most attention.

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Visitors posted pictures of the police cording off the area and the armed persons scattered all around. According to sources, security persons allowed visitors to enter the ground floor restraint but nobody was allowed further.Some of the tourists at the incident had posted the evacuation videos and photos on twitter.

Witness at the scene reported that the suspicious package might be the reason for the evacuation.

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No panic has been reported, by the visitors. Tourists were evacuated before 8 pm and the process was completed with a lot of care and attention.


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