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Cortana Is No Longer a Part of the Search Process in Windows 10

One way in which Microsoft plans to completely transform the search in Windows is by decoupling Cortana and search in the taskbar in Windows 10 OS. This doesn’t imply that Cortana is eliminated completely; it is just that both are given individual capabilities and flexibility of use.

Now, Windows 10 has a single text box that can be used to perform both searches and send commands to the voice assistant Cortana. If you type one or two phrases, it starts the Start menu or Settings. However, if you type a command, it will not open the search menu; instead, it will send it to Cortana toperform the action.

In the latest update in the next version of Windows 10, the text box is separated solely for search purpose and to use Cortana, you have to click on the Cortana button and speak to it.

“This is one of the most significant changes that we made to improve the user search experience,” says Dona Sarkar, the Insider chief of Microsoft Windows.

The main aim was to bring more logic to the Windows interface as the combination of both was often criticized. Its designers and users didn’t find much sense in keeping them together. Not only this, Microsoft has also enhanced the landing page of the search, integration of Cortana and the search results.

Previously, many users had called the company to ask them to implement a more powerful search tool for Windows. Fortunately, the new feature has been launched a few weeks ago to the insiders and the feedback is just overwhelming!

Rumours have it that the button on the taskbar might not be the permanent home for Cortana. Sources have found that it may ultimately be moved into the Action Center.

The new build 18317 also has the new facility of dragging and dropping fonts into the Settings > Fonts page instead of importing them manually. It is only applicable for the users using Windows currently but can also be applied to other users as well.

Nokia’s Virtual Assistant Named Viki: Check out the Complete Details

Nokia is planning to introduce their own AI-powered assistant app called Viki. According to the sources, Nokia’s Viki will join the crowded field Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana and Alexa which are popular across the world. Meanwhile, Samsung is also planning to come up with similar in the pipeline called Bixby.

According to the reports, this trademark is the software for the creation and monitoring the mobile and web digital assistants working with the knowledge and combining all the data sources into the single chat and the voice-based interface.

Nokia 6 Android Smartphone made its debut in China with 16MP camera

Finnish company HMD Global is the one who owns the rights to use the Nokia’s Brand on the mobile phones. They have announced their first smartphone on Sunday targeting the Chinese users. This Nokia phone comes with the price tag of 1,699 yuan ($246) Approx. Rs 16,236/-.

This is the first smartphone which had launched the iconic handset name since 2014 when Nokia OYI chose to sell their entire unit of handsets to Microsoft. Viki, with this application, things are pretty clear that Nokia intends to come up with the digital assistant for their future Nokia devices which run in android. So we can say Nokia is joining the Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and other companies which are providing the private voice assistants.

After the launch of Siri in the year 2011, Apple has been the longest player in this market. In the year 2014, Amazon introduced Alexa, and in the same year, Microsoft has introduced its Cortana. Currently, all these three voice assistants are having the huge market in the technology industry.

Yi 4K+ Action Camera Unveiled at the ongoing CES 2017 event

During the last year, Google has also introduced their Virtual Assistant called Google Assistant alongside their Google Pixel smartphones. Google Assistant is not for all Android Handsets; it is limited to few handsets only. Nokia is now decided to come up with their own AI assistant for their Android phones which are going to launch in this year.

Top 5 Privacy Setting to Reclaim Your Privacy in Windows 10

Windows 10 is now running on more than 400 million devices globally, but still, some sorts of privacy issues exist. The issues mainly include a troublesome amount of ads appear throughout the platform, Mandatory diagnostic and usage data reporting to Microsoft.

Fixing all Windows 10 problems is not possible, but few things can get your privacy. Here we provide you five privacy-related settings which ensure you a great privacy and a more secure Windows 10 experience.

Turning off location

Allowing third-party apps and Windows 10 to access your location is convenient when you’re using mobile devices, such as tablet or a laptop. But that doesn’t mean to switch to your location all the times. Windows 10 stores location history when the device’s location is on and allows apps to access that data with location permission.

Apps which use your location will no longer be able to find you if you turn your location off. However, setting a default location which apps to use as a stand-in is possible manually.

You can turn off your location by opening the Settings menu and go to Location. Turning off location for all users is also possible (under Location for this device is on > Change), or you can just turn off location services (under Location service).

You can also clear your Location History in this menu and allow individual apps to view your exact location. Apps in the location list will be notified if they use location history data.

To quickly switch your location services off and on, open the Action Center; the Location switch will be in the quick settings (possibly below the break).

Turning off your advertising ID

A unique advertising ID is provided for each Microsoft account which lets Microsoft delivers a personalized ad experience across all platforms by collecting information about you. Those personalized ads will appear on your computer if you sign into Windows 10 with a Microsoft account. You’ll witness them in apps and possibly in the OS itself (e.g., in the Start menu).

You can turn these ads off in Windows 10 by opening the Settings menu and go to Privacy > General > Let apps use my advertising ID for experiences across apps and turn this off. Turning this off will reset your ID. Ads may still appear on your screen, but they haven’t personalized ones as per your tastes and preferences.

You can prevent the personalized ads popping up in your Windows 10 by turning this feature off. But this won’t allow seeing personalized ads when you’re using your Microsoft account on other platforms. To avoid ads on other platforms like browsers, go to Microsoft’s advertising opt-out page.

Lock down your lock screen

The lock screen is the first thing to appear and stores lot of information which you might not want strangers to access. Here are three things to perform to lock down your lock and log-in screens

Lock down your lock screen

Make sure that your notifications are not appearing on the lock screen. Go to Settings menu, and open System > Notifications & actions and turn off Show notifications on the lock screen. The thing which disappoints in this is turning off the feature will not allow seeing any notifications until you unlock your device

Turn off Cortana on the lock screen

Turn off Cortana on the lock screen is also available by opening Cortana and going to Settings > Use Cortana even when my device is locked. The disadvantage of turning this feature off is that you cannot use Cortana while your device is locked.

You can also limit the scope of Cortana on the lock screen rather than turning it off completely by unchecking the box next to Let Cortana access email, my calendar, Power BI and messages when my device is locked. By this way, you can ask Cortana to answer questions which don’t reveal any personal information when your device is locked.

Hiding your email address on the log-in screen is also possible by going the Settings menu and opening to Accounts > Sign-in options > Privacy. Turn off the toggle under Show account details (e.g. email address) on the sign-in screen. There is no significant downside for turning this feature off unless you wish to see your email address.

Stop Syncing

If you sign in with a Microsoft account, there’s a lot of syncing going on in Windows 10. Settings include passwords which may be synced across other devices you sign into with the same account. The notifications you get may also be synced across devices.

If the syncing is turned off, your passwords and settings will not be synced across other devices when you sign in with your Microsoft account

Turning off the sync setting will be done by opening the Settings menu and go to Accounts > Sync your settings. You can either turn off all setting syncing at once, or you can toggle individual sync settings off.

Notification syncing can be turned off by going to Cortana and open Settings > Send notifications between devices. You can turn this off to turn off all notifications syncing, and you can also click Edit sync settings to manage your different signed-in devices.

Stop Cortana from “get to know you”

As a move to be the best virtual personal assistant ever, Cortana will ask you early about if she can “get to know you” throughout the way you interact with your device like your handwriting speech and typing patterns. According to Microsoft’s privacy statement, the “getting to know you” feature also lets Windows 10 to collect other information about you which includes your contacts, calendar, browsing history and location.

You will not be able to use voice dictation to speak to Cortana if you stop Cortana from “getting to know you.”

This also can be turned off by opening the Settings menu and go to Speech, inking, & typing. Under Getting to know you, click Stop getting to know me. Diction will be turned off, and all the collected information will be cleared. Collected information can be erased from Cortana’s settings menu, underChange what Cortana knows about me in the cloud.

Satya Nadella Briefs AI implementation in Upcoming Microsoft Products

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has briefed about the company’s implementation of Artificial Intelligence. He also indicated a situation where in future there will be no names even to name the advancements that take place.

At present, the Artificial Intelligence has been adopted in many of the Microsoft products. The interaction took place in the city of Atlanta.

He also expressed his concerns about the problems that minimize human intention and time in information explosion and the ability to make sense out of it.

Microsoft Office 365 Packed With New Artificial Intelligence Features to Lure the Companies and Firms

Google’s game-playing artificial brain has though far better than human brains reach, Nadella did not get enthusiastic. AI has got appreciation from the Tesla CEO, Elon Musk too for its amazing performance.

Microsoft has included AI in its products. Cortana with Windows 10 Operating System alone has around 133 million users monthly. Apart from this many other applications and soft wares will be provided with AI. This will be more useful for the corporate and commercial firms and companies.

This is useful for all the sections of the techies. Developers and users have their motives fulfilled with AI introduction into the Microsoft products. Office 365 will be mainly benefited for the company as this will make the usage vaster. PowerPoint representation and other assigned elements of the package can be enhanced.

Microsoft is Working on Messaging app called Skype Teams

The internal CRM tool of the company has already implemented AI. The utilities that are derived from it just amazing for the company employees. The sales and services are being ascertained with high-level performance.

Bingo images are now assigned to the office 365 excel sheets to design and save the maps. Face detection and other tools like sensor and voice controls are now the new inclusions with the introduction of AI into the product package.

What’s interesting is that Microsoft CEO is not so happy about the various usages of AI. His concerns are also not negligible as they have a valid point to think. Hence, the usage an the future should be taken care of.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update:Top New Features to Come

Top features users are going to experience in Windows 10 Anniversary update.

It’s been almost a year Windows 10 has got released and been running on 350 million devices. Microsoft is preparing to release its update on August 2, named windows 10 anniversary update. This update provides a new range of features and improvements for users.

Microsoft made the update available now for the users opted windows insider program, it will be automatically pushed out to Windows 10 on August 2nd. The company is making a big push get users upgrade to the newer version. However, free update offer to Windows 10 is going to come and end by July 29. Microsoft hopes the new update will promise the people switch to Windows 10.Users who are using Windows 10 currently can get  the upgrade for free and experience the cool features.

Here are the 10 best new features in upcoming Windows.

Windows Ink:

A new sketchpad is introduced for drawing a guide or doodle, and a user can use it to draw shapes or straight lines with the help of a virtual ruler. The screen sketch feature automatically takes a screen grab and let user ink all over it and share it quickly. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t find a perfect solution for all the limitations of pen input in Windows 10.

Microsoft users Have Two More Days To Get Windows 10 Update For Free

Microsoft Edge Extensions:

Microsoft is heading to Edge browser, the update support for extensions and now its up to third-party developers. These extensions resemble to chrome extensions, and the similar ones like Adblock, Last Pass, 1password and EverNote are available already. The company has added web notifications for the edge, websites are pushing notifications to Windows 10 Action Centre.

Cortana improvements:

Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant, made a debut on Windows 10 last year. The latest update brings it to the lock screen. A user can assign it to play music, make a note, set a reminder and much more even without logging in. Cortana has got more intelligent, and now user can schedule appointments in Outlook or opt to send friends a document.

Dark theme and UI tweaks:

It’s an incomplete UI last year. Now it came out well groomed. Most of the monitors continued using dark mode across the OS. A user can switch on to even darker mode in settings, and it will switch built-in apps that use a white background over to black.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update to make a big push for Education

Setting time zone automatically:

Now user need not adjust PC clock manually when travelling abroad for a vacation. Though it is a minor feature, it’s the small things which make a difference. Microsoft didn’t enable the time zone automatically switch by default, and user needs to enable it from the settings app.

Windows Hello for apps and websites:

Microsoft has got up with an excellent feature Windows Hello. It is one of the best features the company added to Windows 10.  It will let the user login into Windows without using a password by just scanning the user’s face by using a special camera. Now Microsoft is making this feature even better with integration into apps and websites.

Windows 10 apps on Xbox One:

Windows 10 now powers Xbox One. Microsoft will launch an update for its gaming console to support Cortana and new apps. The company is expecting to more number of Xbox apps, and few were appearing already.

Bash in Windows:

Whole developer world was surprised when Microsoft unveiled bash for Windows, which is mainly useful for developers. Microsoft is adding Linux commands to Windows 10, which really a good addition for Linux developers to access their tools on Windows. It’s an optional feature and user need to enable it.

Microsoft Pays $10,000 to Marin Woman for Automatic Window 10 Update

 Protect to PC:

Microsoft is adding a new option which mainly suits for the business environment to Windows 10 ‘project to PC’. This option allows you to find a PC easily to project from the phone or another PC. A user can project what he sees on his display onto another machine, and allowed to use its keyboard, mouse.

New Skype app:

Windows 10 already have so many Skype apps, and it’s really tough to choose one. Microsoft has created a new app which is said to the future of Skype on Windows 10. Though it is not completely featured yet, but it will serve the purpose of basic Skype audio and video calls.

Sync your phone notifications to your PC:

The syncing phone is one of the best features in Windows 10 Anniversary Update. A user can use Cortana to sync notifications from their Windows 10 or Android phone. Few more features also enabled like replying to messages, dismiss notifications, and quickly send photos from a phone to a PC.

company is encouraging the update to see in action. Even this upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update isn’t complete. But, its going to be a promise by Windows 10 across multiple devices.


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