Imagine Mobile Augmented Reality, a startup company founded by Israeli entrepreneurs is introducing a new concept that integrates augmented reality with the human, urban and natural surroundings. The company is owned by Nanjing MRK Technology Development Co., Ltd.

 You can now see-through augmented reality glasses that can display a layer of digital information all around you with the use of unique technology. And the interesting thing is you can view all the virtual objects in full size. This Imagine augmented glasses running a unique OS is compatible with different platforms like Android, Linux, Windows and others.

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The official site says that, “the glasses enable true stereoscopic 3-dimensional (3D) effect fixed to real life, creating a real and virtual integrated scenario.” To fix the virtual objects to the reality the operating system is designed with both logical and algorithmic abilities.

Imagine AR smart glasses system is inclusive of cameras, audio, tracking, communication devices and everything that you need to stay connected. As you can see the video below, the Imagine Glasses keeps you up to date with the news and allows you to interact with variant virtual windows. Besides all this you can finish up your business work with these smart glasses as all the components are built-in.

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You can sign-up here to pre-order the glasses.


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