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Apple Announces Siri for macOS Sierra at WWDC 2016

Apple at World Wide Developer Conference on Monday announced that its intelligent personal assistant, Siri will be coming to Mac desktop and laptop computers. The efficient voice controlled assistant will now help you locate files, web searches and more. Now the powerful Siri for Apple TV has new features like it will allow you to launch live TV viewing with voice command. You can also search YouTube and iTunes store for videos.

For quite some time Siri has been with the iPhone and iPad, but it has become more popular after its debut on TV and watch. Now, the other big step up is Apple integrating Siri in macOS. So, Siri is expected to humanize technology more powerfully than what it has done with the phones or tablets earlier. Siri is now going to become your full time personal assistant at home and work too. Besides office work like web searches or document searches, Siri will help you do all other tasks like, ordering your food, blocking an appointment and without using fingers you can ask Siri to switch off your computer.

Highlights and Major Announcements from Apple Annual Event WWDC 2016

Well, Apple announced that Siri will not be accessible to the public for a few months. And immediately developers will be given access to make Siri apps. Another major announcement at WWDC 2016 is a new free app for the iPad called Swift Playgrounds. Swift Playgrounds app facilitates you to learn coding.

Apple is now competing with Google and Amazon virtual assistants. These virtual assistants are enjoying popularity as they are capable of working with variety of other applications. According to CEO of independent app-builder Appetizer Mobile, Jordan Edelson besides Apple external developers are very eager to work with Siri. He said, “It could really change the way that apps are built and how customers experience them.”

Apple Developing Siri To Be More Competent Among Other Voice Assistants; But Still Trails In AI

Experts say that this move might bring trade-offs to Apple and this powerful Siri is more useful to the consumers, which could help Apple understand more about its users. Well, initially Siri will only work with certain kinds of outside apps like Siri will help you in messaging, making payments for transportation services.

Apple Developing Siri To Be More Competent Among Other Voice Assistants; But Still Trails In AI

Does Siri behind Apple’s developer’s conference? I was raising the query since last week that Siri might use as a personal digital assistant at Apple’s WWDC 2016.

The biggest move Apple take up is iPhone assistant as third party developers for inclusion in their apps by using voice commands. AI experts applauded the move as an important step forward as the number will use artificial intelligence as it becomes well.

Apple‘s “Hey Siri” helps in saving a life of a baby

Google Now, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana are already available to developers, but Apple Siri somehow delayed to open this platform. As of now Siri is five years old and stills adding more improvements, CEO of Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence and a professor at the University of Washington said.

Now, Apple is trying to include computer programming that involves Artificial Intelligence such as speech recognition. “This is a new platform war with enormous stakes,” said Gary Morgenthaler, a venture capitalist invested for Siri when it was a start-up. It will challenge the search and a market capitalization of Google.

Viv challenges Siri with first on-stage demo

The tech giant, Apple purchased Siri, which became a cultural touchscreen after its release on iPhone. So, finally Tim cook’s Apple is in the hunt, working on this, there may be a step behind the Google, but I would say they are close enough to leave him in the dust.

Siri is like an SDK Domain access but with a narrow focus. So they include Messaging, Phone Calls, Photo search, ride booking, private payments, and workouts. Sirikit will also be open for access to play whereas can control in-car climate and the radio viz the automakers apps.


But definitely, Siri is a future star that never had its moment at the WWDC 2016. So Apple can simultaneously deliver.

Highlights and Major Announcements from Apple Annual Event WWDC 2016

Apple WWDC 2016 is the place for the major announcements from the Apple held at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco. The Highlights of the event are mentioned in detail, and the biggest statement in the event is about the iOS 10 which is yet to release with the ultimate features in messages and the all new designs for Photos, Maps and Apple Music. macOS Sierra has released, and the Siri makes the debut for your desktop along with the release of the Apple Pay to the web.

The two updated version of the tvOS and the watchOS are also released in the event. This watchOS helps in easy navigation and enhances the big boost in performance. tvOS is updated and brings the expanded Siri searches.

iOS 10

One of the most significant announcements in the WWDC 2016 is iOS 10.  Everything which you love is even better with the iOS 10. The iOS 10 is redesigned the lock screen and the viewing the notifications made a change in the iOS 10. If you raise your wrist holding the phone, the device gets wakes up. The 3D touch is provided in the iOS 10 where you can view the notifications and the applications easily and quickly.

Major Announcements Made in Google I/O 2016

Lock Screen Management is improved. When the device is locked just swipe up for the settings panel, then if you swipe left then the music player is available separately. It has made easy than ever for launching the camera in the iOS 10, just swipe the screen to left for the quick launch, when the device is locked.

The privacy of the user always come first and iOS 10 is safe and secure. The compatible devices are iPhone 5 or later, iPad mini 2 or later and iPod Touch 6th Generation. The iOS 10 update is available for all the users from the FALL, announced at the WWDC event 2016.

WatchOS 3

WatchOS is another announcement made at the WWDC event 2016. The Apple Watch has done a lot of transformation in the Apple watch which is most widely popular across the world. Each time Apple received several complaints from the users who are using the Apple watch. The watch responds slowly and lags in opening the applications. With the release of the watchOS 3, this is going to be faster than earlier. The apps open more quickly than they used and according to Apple, the response time for the applications is at least seven times faster.

This significant update in the watchOS 3 is SOS feature which lets to call and connect with the emergency services like 911. Apart from this, it also sends notification message to the emergency contacts and notifies them that you need help. It will also share your current locations right at the time you requested for the help. It even also shows the medical ID of the user.

Another scribble feature is that you can draw the letters on the watch which will convert them into the text. The activity sharing lets you see the activities followed by the family and friends and find the persons who are leading in the ranking among them.

Apple‘s “Hey Siri” helps in saving a life of a baby

The brand new application is released called ‘Breathe’ which is a health-related application which is compatible with the Apple watch. It is developed for guiding regarding the deep breathing sessions.


Another OS for the TV, tvOS is announced at WWDC special event 2016 by Apple. With this update, sling TV is coming to the Apple TV so that the live streaming TV service is finally arriving at the Apple’s set-top box.

This is the great news for the users, probably not the best news for streaming the TV service where Apple is still working on it.

The new Remote application is available for the iPhone and the iPad which is updated and redesigned which helps to enter the text in all the fields. With this update, the performance and the functionality of the Siri are dramatically enhanced. For example “search YouTube for cat videos” and Live Tune lets you speak the name of the channel app to tune into the live broadcasts quickly and instantly.

Apple May Move From OS X to MacOS

The best thing is once you sign in on your Apple TV to your network’s online service, then it will automatically log you into all the compatible network services. You don’t have to login to the Xfinity separately for viewing the HBO Go, Showtime Anytime and each other network application.

macOS Sierra

The brand new OS which is announced at the Apple special event is macOS Sierra. Out of all the OS X is now dead and long live macOS.

The debut of the Siri on the Mac is done with the new capabilities which are designed for the desktop. It is not only the thing which makes the Mac smarter, macOS Sierra helps you rediscover the best photos from the memories.

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The payments are made more securely in the online and work more seamlessly between the devices. This also helps in free up the storage space. The macOS Sierra does even more for you so that you can do more with your Mac.

When you are wearing the Apple Watch, just open your Mac and login without entering any password. Just take your seat and get right back to your work. No passwords are required to login.

Siri for Mac

Finally, Siri is on the Mac; Siri is capable of doing several things on the Mac just like you do. For example, whatever thing you are busy or no matter you are working on, just ask “Talk about the big news” then your favourite personal assistant will always ready to respond to click away.

Some of the questions which you can raise to the Siri are

 “Show the PDFs in my Downloads folder.”

“Show me all of the files I shared with Cecilia last week.”

“How much free space do I have on my Mac?”

“Play the top 40 jazz songs.”

 “How do you spell broccoli?”

Raise any questions you want to ask Siri; it will quickly respond with the prior results in the less time. You can rediscover the memories in beautiful new ways.

Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds is powerful programming language created by the Apple for the iPad. Swift is used by the professionals in building the today’s most popular applications. This application is going to hit the App store in the fall. This app makes learning Swift interactive and with fun in solving the puzzles to master the basics using Swift.

MacBook Pro 2016 Revamped With OLED Display Touch Bar and Touch ID

This app lets you take the series of challenges and step up for more advanced creations. This is best for the students to start out since this requires no coding knowledge. This is the best platform for the learning experience since it is built to take the full advantage of the iPad. This also offers a different way for the experienced developers to bring the ideas quickly to the life.

This is the new way to create the code on the best device for learning.

Messages will be much more fun`

Sending and receiving the messages in the iOS 10 is so cool. Many updates are included which you lets chat Big, Bold and Beautiful.  The simple things create the great impact is related to the things that are effected in this latest update. Few things that present in the messaging segment are listed here.

Write yourself, it’s how you say it, Let’s Celebrate, Invisible Link, Tap Back, Add Personal Touch, Stickers, Tap to replace Emoji, iMessage apps, Siri now open apps.

Apple‘s “Hey Siri” helps in saving a life of a baby

Apple’s Personal and voice assistant feature save a child’s life.  Quick thinking and the Apple’s Siri voice assistance helps in calling the Ambulance emergency service.

An Australian mother Stacey Gleeson saw her daughter Giana was blue and stopped breathing. She dropped her phone in a panic and could not able to locate the phone. Then she remembered about the Siri and activated with the voice assistance. She said “Hey Siri, Call the Ambulance” and with the help of it, the call gets connected to the ambulance service.

Stacey Gleeson rushed into the baby’s room to help her. Meanwhile, she dropped her phone and turned on the light, and she shouted for her phone. She yelled at the iPhone to activate the Siri and told it to get the emergency services. She started speaking on the speakerphone. Gleeson feels it may have saved her daughter’s life.

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“Before I knew it the ambulance was on its way, and Giana was breathing again,” said by Gleeson. Her husband said that things might have made the difference between the life and death of her daughter on calling at the right time changed the scenario.  Baby Giana’s parents are recommended to enable the voice activated feature in their devices in case of an emergency or any other crisis; this might be helpful. If you ever lost your phone in the house, it helps you to find easily.

“It assisted in saving our daughter’s life, and I never thought I’d have to go through something like that,” said Stacey Gleeson.

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It is a simple thing which saved the baby’s life.

“Hey Siri, call an ambulance.”

These words by the Stacey Gleeson save her one-year-old baby Giana Glesson’s life.


Expected Announcements from Apple’s WWDC 2016 Annual Conference

After Google’s Annual Mega Event Google I/O it’s time for another industry leader to show-off its future products. Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will be commencing from June 13 to 17 in San Francisco with a big press conference.

The event served as the big stage for the firm’s major releases like iOS, OS X, and other platforms. Although the released updates in the last few years were comparatively small. This year’s event would be substantial for the company because of the drop in the sales, and it should come with newer plans to compete with other big guns in the industry.

The conference is all about the updations, new features coming to the operating systems iOS, OS X, which powers Apple’s devices.

Major Announcements Made in Google I/O 2016

Voice Assistant Siri:

Another important aspect that every tech enthusiast is looking for would be ‘Siri’. The buzz around the industry is Apple planning to revamp its voice assistant with primary updations lot of discussions are expected about on how improved tools, including the possibility of a Siri SDK (software development kit), would work, which would make Siri accessing third-party applications.

OS X or Mac OS:

We can expect Apple’s Touch ID feature on new MacBooks. There is a possibility that Apple could also make iPhones work as Touch ID enablers for Macs. Some sources suggest that company is planning to revamp OS X to Mac OS due to many reasons like outdated, misread and in the thought of a common name for all its operating systems.

Apple May Move From OS X to MacOS

Echo Competitor:

According to the reports, Apple would launch its own Echo-competitor, a speaker that could be branded as Beats & might be coming with the face-recognizing camera. It would be a shock if it comes true but would be great to see such product and will surely become a rival for the Amazon product.

Apple Watch 2.0:

The Apple watch didn’t get any updations since its first launch a year back; we can expect the announcement of next generation Apple watch featuring changes in design and speed. It would certainly take some time to roll out. A preview of the new version of Watch’s OS would be displayed during the event.

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TVOS 10:

The firm could unveil the new Os for Apple TV with ‘TVOS 10’. Rumours indicate that Apple ‘TVOS 10’ would have the blended functionalities of both icloud and Home Kit. The black box would be a way for your smart home.

 The Apple Car:

I’m not kidding; the firm is working on a self-driving car. The launch of the electric car would take some more time, but we can expect some announcement about it on the conference.

As these are only expectations and rumours, we will be updating you with all the information about the WWDC event starting on 13th June.

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