The growth of the Virtual Reality (VR) Technology is developing so fast, and the requirement for the cameras are also increasing each time. The cameras which can capture the live entertainment from the different angles and patch them together which support the VR hardware.

Currently, there are several cameras out in the market which supports all advanced features, and most of the high-end variety are not too far which are used to create the movies. But these are not for the customers for few reasons like price segment and others. The rig is quite hard to set up, and the worst part is, it is not portable.

Nico 360, The World’s smallest 360 Degree Camera

The company is increasing the sales with expansion by bringing this 360-degree camera product to China. Nokia has announced that the 360-degree camera has been targeted as the professional turnkey solution with ready-to-go stitching and production pipelines in place, will be for sale in China in September of this year. The Ozo is currently available in the US and Europe.

The perfect VR camera for the existing customers at this moment is released by Nokia which is woefully understated. Nokia Ozo 360 degree camera is one of the extreme high-end cameras, although it is portable and heavily priced with $45,000.

This Nokia’s 360-degree camera is originally sold for $60,000 and as a part of the deal, the company is offering $15,000 discounts to the individuals and early adopters. The final price is available at $45,000 in the US. We are expecting the equivalent pricing in the China Launch.

Casio EX-FR200 combines the 360-degree camera with detachable lens

The Chinese market has a “genuine hunger” for the latest and high-quality VR hardware and content which the similar content Ozo can produce, says Nokia. So the company is partnering with LeEco especially for their LeVR arm for going beyond making them a retail partner for the Ozo itself.


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