Apple at World Wide Developer Conference on Monday announced that its intelligent personal assistant, Siri will be coming to Mac desktop and laptop computers. The efficient voice controlled assistant will now help you locate files, web searches and more. Now the powerful Siri for Apple TV has new features like it will allow you to launch live TV viewing with voice command. You can also search YouTube and iTunes store for videos.

For quite some time Siri has been with the iPhone and iPad, but it has become more popular after its debut on TV and watch. Now, the other big step up is Apple integrating Siri in macOS. So, Siri is expected to humanize technology more powerfully than what it has done with the phones or tablets earlier. Siri is now going to become your full time personal assistant at home and work too. Besides office work like web searches or document searches, Siri will help you do all other tasks like, ordering your food, blocking an appointment and without using fingers you can ask Siri to switch off your computer.

Highlights and Major Announcements from Apple Annual Event WWDC 2016

Well, Apple announced that Siri will not be accessible to the public for a few months. And immediately developers will be given access to make Siri apps. Another major announcement at WWDC 2016 is a new free app for the iPad called Swift Playgrounds. Swift Playgrounds app facilitates you to learn coding.

Apple is now competing with Google and Amazon virtual assistants. These virtual assistants are enjoying popularity as they are capable of working with variety of other applications. According to CEO of independent app-builder Appetizer Mobile, Jordan Edelson besides Apple external developers are very eager to work with Siri. He said, “It could really change the way that apps are built and how customers experience them.”

Apple Developing Siri To Be More Competent Among Other Voice Assistants; But Still Trails In AI

Experts say that this move might bring trade-offs to Apple and this powerful Siri is more useful to the consumers, which could help Apple understand more about its users. Well, initially Siri will only work with certain kinds of outside apps like Siri will help you in messaging, making payments for transportation services.