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Apple devices are failing more than Android Smartphones: Study

Apple devices

Apple devices are known for their reliability and by that the company had acquired a huge fan base throughout the world.But now a days the reliability and performance of the Apple devices like iPhones and iPads are failing more often than Android smartphones, a study has revealed.

According to global data security firm Blancco Technology Group, iOS devices had a 58 per cent failure rate while Android smartphones reported an overall failure rate of 35 per cent in the second quarter of 2016.

It is the first first time that Apple’s devices have a lower performance rate compared to Android, softpedia.com reported, citing the study.

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iPhone 6 had the highest failure rate of 29 per cent, followed by iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S Plus.For this, the study revealed the device failure rates by operating systems, manufacturers, models and regions.

Apple devices

In the first quarter of 2016, Android smartphones had an overall failure rate of 44 per cent.“Samsung, Lenovo and LeEco were among the manufacturers with the weakest performance and higher failure rates. Samsung scored 26 per cent in failure rate, while Motorola just 11 per cent,” the findings showed.

iOS devices failed more frequently in North America and Asia compared to Android and the quality of the devices being shipped may be one of the reasons.The main problem iOS users faced was not being able to connect to a WiFi network, dropped connections, slow speeds and incorrect password prompts.

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Android smartphone users struggled with camera issues, battery charging, touchscreen issues and app crashes.According to the results, 50 per cent of iOS applications crashed compared to 23 per cent of Android apps.

Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat were among the top mobile applications to crash on iOS devices.

Apple Announces Siri for macOS Sierra at WWDC 2016

Apple Announces Siri for macOS Sierra

Apple at World Wide Developer Conference on Monday announced that its intelligent personal assistant, Siri will be coming to Mac desktop and laptop computers. The efficient voice controlled assistant will now help you locate files, web searches and more. Now the powerful Siri for Apple TV has new features like it will allow you to launch live TV viewing with voice command. You can also search YouTube and iTunes store for videos.

For quite some time Siri has been with the iPhone and iPad, but it has become more popular after its debut on TV and watch. Now, the other big step up is Apple integrating Siri in macOS. So, Siri is expected to humanize technology more powerfully than what it has done with the phones or tablets earlier. Siri is now going to become your full time personal assistant at home and work too. Besides office work like web searches or document searches, Siri will help you do all other tasks like, ordering your food, blocking an appointment and without using fingers you can ask Siri to switch off your computer.

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Well, Apple announced that Siri will not be accessible to the public for a few months. And immediately developers will be given access to make Siri apps. Another major announcement at WWDC 2016 is a new free app for the iPad called Swift Playgrounds. Swift Playgrounds app facilitates you to learn coding.

Apple is now competing with Google and Amazon virtual assistants. These virtual assistants are enjoying popularity as they are capable of working with variety of other applications. According to CEO of independent app-builder Appetizer Mobile, Jordan Edelson besides Apple external developers are very eager to work with Siri. He said, “It could really change the way that apps are built and how customers experience them.”

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Experts say that this move might bring trade-offs to Apple and this powerful Siri is more useful to the consumers, which could help Apple understand more about its users. Well, initially Siri will only work with certain kinds of outside apps like Siri will help you in messaging, making payments for transportation services.

Apple Making $40M Worth of Gold From Waste

Apple's waste into gold

Recycling turn things into other things, like Magic. Here the recycle of iPhones, iPads and Macs turns into “gold”. The Apple’s Environmental Responsibility Report delineated 2016 Progress Report, Covering Fiscal Year 2015. In this total of 61,357,800lbs material was recovered for the reuse. Surprisingly this $40 Million worth of gold had recovered. 2204 pounds of Gold was collected from the old iPhones, iPads, and iMac computer devices. The total amount of gold collected is almost equal to the ton. If we cumulate with the current gold price, then the total number will be around $40 Million.

In 2015, Apple diverted more than 89 million pounds of e-waste from landfills, as report reads.

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To dismantle the Apple devices, Apple uses the robot called ‘Liam’. It can disassemble old iPhones and recover recyclable materials. In California, Liam was designed and developed by the Apple Engineers. Liam helps in recovering the minute resources like gold, aluminium and cobalt very easily. On Average 30 milligrams of gold is used in every smartphone for internal components and the circuit boards.

Apple uses Gold in the circuit boards, unlike other companies, because gold will not damage quickly and have the low electrical resistance when compared with other materials.

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Apple doesn’t want to waste the natural resources that come from the earth, so mostly Apple is trying to create a huge impact with their recycle programs. Apple initiates the recycle programs, and everyone can participate and recycle their Apple devices at the Apple store. The material collected from the recycled products will be reused in the Apple products which help in reducing the usage of the natural resources. In spite of wasting the old devices and their materials, Apple has implementing the recycle program efficiently from past years.

According to the ERR, there are other materials which are recovered from the Apple devices. Cult of Mac ran the figures quoted by Apple through today’s metal price and came up with individual figures viz., Steel  23,101,000, Nickel 39,672, Plastics 13,422,360, Lead 44,080, Glass 11,945,680, Zinc 130,036, Aluminium 4,518,200, Tin 4408, Copper 2,953,360, Silver 6612, Cobalt 189,544. All values are subjected to be counted in pounds.

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Two organizations for Apple gave assurance and Review Statements. Fraunhofer Institute provided a report for the Product life cycle carbon footprint and Paper footprint. The details of these reports are mentioned in Appendix C.

Sandisk Unveiled All-new iXpand Flash Drive for iPad and iPhone

iXpand Flash Drive

Sandisk came out with simple theme Never go out of Memory. Sandisk is the leading storage manufacturer for the flash storage products. Sandisk already released the Flash drive that supports Apple devices. Sandisk has released the latest slim and light weight iXpand Flash Drive in different storage capacities.

Sandisk’s iXpand Flash Drive comes in 128GB, 64GB, 32GB, 16GB. With this Flash Drive, you can add some extra storage space for iPhone and iPads. Without any additional efforts, you can easily backup your photos and videos in your devices.

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This Flash drive supports the device running with iOS 8.2 and above operating systems. This is compatible with these listed Apple devices iPhone 6s / 6s Plus / 6 / 6 Plus / 5s / 5 / 5c / SE and iPad Pro / Air 2 / Air / mini 4 / mini 3 / mini 2 / mini and iPod Touch (5th gen).

Apple Music includes new student membership and 50 percent discount

This lightweight device is available in two variant colours, silver and black. The device comes with the USB drive on one end which supports USB 3.0 connectivity and the other end it has the flexible connector which connects with Apple devices. You can manage your memory with the Sandisk software which is pre-loaded on the drive.

Sandisk’s iXpand Flash Drive has few other features which makes it different from other storage devices. You can use this flash drive as the extra storage for your Apple devices. You can free up your iPhone or iPad that has unnecessary files on the device. The best thing with this flash drive is, automatic back-up can be done with the photos and videos present on the camera roll. As the Flash drive is small in size, you can comfortably enjoy watching videos while you are travelling. The connectivity comes with 3.0 which helps in seamless faster data transfer and create the great interface between the devices.

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You can also download the iXpand mobile application where you can get from the App Store. The company revamped the app which gained a lot of improvements from the previous release.  You can manage the photos and videos from the application. You can watch the popular video formats directly from the drive.

You can purchase the newest version of the Sandisk’s iXpand Flash Drive from online stores and the authorised stores across the world. You can contact the distributors for the commercial and retail sales. It comes with the 1-year limited warranty.

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