You search like you talk in Google Drive

Have you ever got frustrated in searching for the document you are looking for on drive?

Are you the user of the Google Drive? Then with the recent changes in the drive, you can search for the documents by typing the query in the search like with your natural language. I things you have gone through the GIF image posted along with this article.

Google now has updated the file backup service and the Cloud Storage which lets for the Natural Language Processing which is known as NLP, said on the Google Official Blog on Tuesday.

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For example, you can throw a question like “Find the expenses spreadsheet from the last November” or in the similar way you can search for the file which you are looking for. As you remember the things, you keep searching like “Where can I find the nearby restaurants for Pizza” on the Google on your phone or laptop.

Google Drive

For the quick understanding, you can refer the GIF posted, and you will easily come to the conclusion how the specific searches are done and how to google responds in showing the results.

Apart from this, the drive is also included with the auto-correct feature, which helps in suggesting the words which are misspelled. It also has the ability to split a document into multiple columns easily.

Based on the users feedback requests, Google Docs is improved with few changes. The user can able to split the document into the multiple columns by selecting either the new columns option from the Format Menu.

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Now the Google Docs will also automatically save the copy of the non-Google file when you open or edit or convert the Google Docs, Sheets or slides in their original format. You can check the changes in the “Revision History” Menu.

The Google Drive team says “Drive NLP will get better with each query — so keep on searching. This feature will be in Live gradually and starts rolling out, will be available throughout the world.”


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