Swedish multinational car manufacturing company Volvo had announced the statement regarding their sales. They set the target to sell one million electrified cars by the year 2025.

President and Chief Executive of Volvo Cars Hakan Samuelsson said that “It is a deliberately ambitious goal.” But it is the twice the number of cars they sell at present every year.

This Swedish company is looking to accomplish this aim by offering minimum two hybrid versions of every model in its range. Volvo will release the first all-electric car in the year 2019.

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Under SPA (Scalable Product Architecture) the larger cars 90 series and 60 series cars were build and soon they are planning to launch small cars with 60 series on CMA (Compact Modular Architecture). They planned to release all these cars with the electrified versions. The cumulative total is targeted to sell one million electrified cars.

The commitments being made by the Volvo Group will impose neutral climate operations by the year 2025. By 2020, they will associate 35% of their leading positions to be held by women.

The new commitment has been given ‘omtanke’, which is a Swedish word that means ‘consideration’ or ‘caring.’     The Vision of the Volvo cars is that no one will be killed or seriously injured in the new Volvo, and they are moving toward on this vision to fulfill by the year 2020. Volvo cars group is working with the partners globally for promoting sustainability.

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On this occasion, Mr. Samuelsson said “Sustainability is nothing new or something that sits outside our operations, it is something that forms an integral part of everything we do. It is simply our way of operating,”

‘This new sustainability commitment reflects Volvo Cars’ fundamental belief that we must also grow responsibly.”