China developed a touchscreen smartphone that won’t break when you bend it and twist it. The Chinese company named Moxi group has developed a smartphone and going to unveil soon. This smartphone is unique and it can bend all the way and you can place around your wrist.

This smartphone can be worn like a watch or a bracelet. The company has reported, the smartphone still works and functions when it is stretched flat which is similar to other smartphones. This smartphone is an impressive and next step in the innovation of the smartphones, no other companies haven’t arrived in the market with the fully bendable smartphones.

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This smartphone is high in the quality segment and light in weight. Apart from these, this is transparent and flexible. To produce the screens the company used the thinnest material in the world called graphene.  Initially, Moxi group proposes to release only the smartphones with black and white displays. But the company is directing to release the full-colour version display. This is the challenging to make by the year 2018. As per the sales and demand, the international marketing will be decided.

Moxi group already prepared the prototype of this smartphone and getting the plans to hit the China market with 100,000 units for sale by this year end.

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Reports mentioned by the Nicole Peng, Analyst at the tech research firm canalys, “Already the tech giant companies like Samsung and LG have also been working on flexible touchscreens and developing the devices using the same material graphene”. As you all know Samsung launched Flex smartphones earlier. These smartphones are in curved shape. When they try to bend little, no changes had happened and Moxi group confirms that nowhere near as much as our phone works.

The price of this bendable smartphone will be around $765 (5000 Yuan). The Moxi Group officially update the announcement on the release of this smartphone soon.


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