LeEco, formerly known as LeTv well recognised in the market for smartphones & TVs. The recent release of its Smartphone Trio makes it even more famous. The Firm’s recent investments in leading automobile companies like Aston Martin and Faraday future hints its next step into the vehicle market.

The Chinese Company had shocked all the viewers with an automated electric car which runs on the voice commands through a mobile application. At an event in Beijing, the futuristic smart electric car is unveiled by the company’s CEO Jia Yueting. He operated the car via voice commands from the mobile. The electric car was demoed with less speed due to limited space and ordered to park itself.

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The company has named the smart car as LeSEE. It is a part of the firm’s initiative for Eco-friendliness. The specifications of the car are not mentioned but by the looks at the demo, the automatic electric car would be provided with multicolour headlights. The car had two traditional front doors and two suicide back doors. The four doors and the roof are entirely made of glass which can create an illusion of an individual piece that connects the rear window and the front shield.

The C-shaped headlights suggest that the car does not have a usual front grill. The conventional mirrors are replaced with cameras to look around. The front portion of the car is assisted with a display showing specific data of the vehicle when it is in motion. There won’t be any central diffuser instead the head lights are mirrored by the tail lights at the back.

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The LeSEE can travel with a top speed of 130 mph, and it is designed keeping the environment in view. Talking about the entertainment displays screens are placed at the back part of the front seats and a music system is arranged. The back seats are foam lined and made self-adjusted to the bodies of the passengers. The Steering is featured with a self-folding mechanism when set to autopilot.

Jia Yueting said that apart from the company’s commitment to the green car it is also developing a Car-sharing business. He also stated that autonomous electric car will out rate Tesla’s Model S in ‘all departments of performance. With the launch of LesEE China would be on the forefront in the global market.

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The car prices would also be Similar to the prices of the LeEco’s mobiles when compared with the existing ones in the market. CEO of the company also mentioned that the firm’s car would be given free some day in the future by not specifying the date as the company’s revenue is aimed at content and services offered through the cars.

The Future smart car would be added to more characteristics like face recognition and self-learning which is not displayed in the present demo show.

Jia said that the Hong Kong city would be the first one to have this electric car when made available to the market.



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