Orkut Buyukkoten is back with Hello App to again connect with people and content around your passion.

The creator of Orkut.com is back with a new social network called Hello App. Hope you know Orkut is live till 2004 to 2014. After two years of its shutdown (Orkut shutdown @ 30 September 2023) the founder Orkut Buyukkokten is back after two years with a new social network called Hello.

It is now available only on mobile to download at hello.com app which is accessible for both Android and iOS. Till now, the Hello app is available in United States, Britain, Canada, France, Australia, Brazil, and Ireland. India, Germany and Mexico are listed in the next release countries in this month.

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Hello, the app that connects with people and content around the world and user gets unexpected experience that lets you show the world who you are, express what you love and create a meaningful connection, mentioned on their official website hello.com.

Hello.com (Hello App) is founded by social network pioneer Orkut and a group of ex – Google engineers. Over 12 years before its shutdown Orkut has active users of 300 million.

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Orkut helps the whole world to bring people together, and now Hello is headquartered in San Francisco. Hello is available on both Android and iOS in the above-mentioned countries. In his hello blog, Orkut says “he expressed his excitement about his previous experience about his entire career, how he helped the whole world in connecting people and knowing each other a little bit.”

Why Orkut Created “Hello.”

Orkut says, hello is the first social network that built on loves, not likes which are easy to connect with people who share your passion. Hello always says “love yourself” and making the Hello app, a more beautiful place where we all can connect,” Said Orkut.

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How Hello Works

You can use Hello app in English, French or Portuguese and the app does not use external data beyond the contact in your phone-book. You need to sign up and select five “personas” that you are interested in. The personas you can select such as photographer, animal lover, actor, clubber, Burner, foodie (one who love food), skier, etc. and you are limited only to five.

Will Orkut be a Successor on “Hello App.”

It is not so easy to connect the world online where hundreds of apps and websites help in making friends and love. But Orkut says. Still, there is hatred in the world which saddens me. So he created Hello App that builds the relationship on loves, not likes, which he mentioned in his blog and he is very much confident about “Hello” success.

We will see whether Orkut turned Hello be a competitor to other social networking Apps or websites. All the best to the social network pioneer Orkut on “Hello.”