Smartphone companies have a great scope in sales in India. That reason had captivated many International Tech companies to enter the Indian market. A few weeks ago, executives from several tech companies like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and Google had invited to a meeting with Govt Officials to discuss on embedding Aadhar encryption to their technology.

None of the companies which participated in the meeting did not reveal anything about Aadhar encryption details. Apple did not even show up at all. Indian Govt plans to implement Aadhar based security to the products shipped by these brands.

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No company would like to cook up Govt stuff with their technology. Since September 2010 India is collecting its citizen’s biometric and demographic data for various reasons.

Primarily, the main reason behind collecting the fingerprints and Iris-scan of people is a part of National Biometric Identity program, and this Aadhar ID is used to access a wide range of public and private services which also include banking too.

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If the Tech companies fail to join this initiative to the GOVT of India, it would be a fence to their sales and their Business expansion in the booming market. It is believed that Google and Apple may not abide by this.

This idea is path breaker as this could help the Govt and related departments to track Criminals and gives information of Foreign Visitors. This technology is used by FBI and US-VISIT visa program. If this is implemented in our country, we will be the first to run this concept.

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Apart from the advantages, experts criticize that Aadhar encryption would be a National security threat because if Aadhar servers are hacked. Civil liberties and many say that this concept may violate the privacy.

Leaving all behind the Govt is rolling ahead for implementation in the recent weeks. Amresh Nandan, research director at Gartner, wanted provisions and clarity about the security. It is highly believed that Tech companies would object in the installation the govt authenticated tools and software to their devices. It is also a security breach to the companies too. No private company would wish to share its user’s data.