Pakistan Railways in Tragedy as Awam Express Collide with a Freight Train Kills 6 and 150 Injured

A Major accident had happened in Pakistan Where two trains collided with each other leading to a dreadful situation.Going into the details, the Awam Express collided with a freight train near in Pakistan’s Punjab Province, which left 150 injured, six dead and ten are said to be in critical condition.

The Mishap took place near Bucch Railway Station near Sher Shah area.

The Police official Nadir Chattha said, “The accident happened after a man was reportedly overrun by the freight train and the driver stopped the train to take out the body”. At the same time, Awam Express heading on the same track collided with a stationary goods train.

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According to the local report, “at least four carriages were sent flying off the track following the crash with the freight train, which was on the track without schedule”.

Three peoples who trapped inside the carriages were saved and had been taken to Nishtar Hospital, according to the rescue workers.

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The source in the Pakistan railway said, there was a delay in rescue services due to the Eid holidays, Relief works were also affected as darkness prevailed in the Vicinity. The Authorities ordered an investigating on how the accident occurred.

The People are asked to donate the blood to deal with this tragedy.

Pakistan’s colonial-era railway network has the past of having disrepair in recent decades and is under investment and poor maintenance.

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In July 2005, about 130 people were killed, when a train forced into another near Sindh territory and a third train hit the wreckage.


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