“Are you ever pulled over for exceeding the speed limit ?” , if so here is a feature on Google Maps where it displays the Speed Limits. This is a new feature on Google Maps during navigation. You can put down your speed in some areas. In countries where the speed limit is countable and enforceable by law and mandate to respect rule, this feature might help you out.

This was revealed when a Reddit user spotted about the Speed Limit. Some of the users had reported the speed limits appearing on using Google Navigation. This feature shows that Google Maps might have updated after a long while. This feature was not enabled to all the users, but we guess this would roll out slowly.

This updated feature on Google Maps Application displays the speed limits of the current area at the bottom to the left corner, just above the route information.

Google Maps Updated With Cleaner Look and ‘Areas of Interest’ Feature

The unclear thing is that “Will it display the speed limits boards of the road ? or Will it warn the driver to slow down the pace in some areas ? ”. Earlier this was available with Waze App. It’s nice to see Google Maps has incorporated this feature for people who don’t use Waze App.

Let us see when this ‘Speed Limit’ feature hits our androids who use Google Maps for navigation.