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Facebook Messenger May House Public Chat room Features Soon

Facebook Messenger has built a new feature which includes ‘Rooms’ which enables a public group chat about different subjects and events. This new feature was discovered in iOS app source code of Messenger is the reference and explains about how it works. It seems like social networking giant is planning to retrieve the chatrooms culture in Facebook Messenger.

The code shows “Introducing rooms” to chat about the topics and interests. Each room is provided with a link which can be shared on Messenger so anyone can join a conversation.  The user can apparently start his rooms as well.

Screenshots of user interface were observed on the internet and also shows how to manage Rooms. It is also demonstrated how to share a link to the room for easy access to other users to join.

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The Functionality of the yet to release Messenger feature looks much familiar as it resembles the standalone app launched by Facebook back in 2014. The room’s app allows anonymous users to talk with others of same interests as them.

Facebook also claimed that the new platform is a dip to the past days of internet usage when users logged in with pseudonyms to join the conversation about their favorite topics on public chatrooms. But this topic based rooms failed to gain user attraction and got shut down with Riff and Slingshot in late 2015.

An internal team which was said to be the developer of the apps was closed after a couple of years, as none of the 10 apps was a hit.

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However, it is yet to be confirmed about the release of the rooms feature for Messenger. It is assumed that Facebook will provide a middle platform between user comments and private messages that users can share.

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