Google Search Engine Launches Simplified AMP Testing Tool

Google launched a new Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) testing tool, which is accessible via Search Console that gives site owners an opportunity to find and fix errors associated with AMP markup.

This is what you’ll want to see ideally after a page through the AMP testing tool.


This means it is a valid AMP markup code and Google can indicate it as being an AMP page in search results. A page with invalid AMP markup code will be redirected to the screen which looks like below:

AMP Page

The new tool is now available here and from within the Google Search Console.

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The tool functions on your mobile device and analyzes the AMP page with the real Googlebot using Google’s “live web-search infrastructure” resulting in real time. It also tests the validity of the AMP markup and structured data on the related AMP page.

If found any issues, you can click on them to see details. Even the line in the source code will be highlighted which shows you exactly where the error is.

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The coolest thing about this tool is that it provides you everything AMP related on single page

  • You can get pass or fail
  • You get your failure errors both in summary and in the source code
  • You get an AMP preview look in the search results
  • You get access to your structured data items related to AMP
  • You get the documentation and more.


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