Middle East countries stand in the first position on the DDoS cyber attacks. According to a survey report published by a US-based software company hints about the highest threats faced the Middle East countries. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Kuwait stand in top three positions accordingly.

Latest Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report has revealed that the highest affected country due to DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service is Saudi Arabia. The entire Middle East countries are suffering a loss of over 10 Gbps.

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Almost now-a-days all the companies rely on the internet. And this made the job of the cyber criminals easier. If such a situation is continuous, definitely the countries would be facing unfortunate situations ahead.

Almost a 7% which in monetary terms equals between USD 500 per minute and USD 10,000 per minute which also constitutes 2/3 of the respondent’s time is a loss.

Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS has also targeted the United Kingdom on a massive scale along with the Middle East countries.

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Cyber Crime is day by day increasing in one, or the other formats and the methods to tackle them are being been still at not the expected pace. Cyber security has to be given the most and high preference to combat.

The countries which are already suffering from the financial crisis and other safety reasons have not to tackle the cyber security too. The easiest and fastest way to attack is the cyber way. Hence the cyber criminals are always watchful elements at all levels.