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Flipkart launches Global Selling Program: To sell products worldwide through Ebay


Indian E-commerce giant Flipkart launches Global Selling Program which allows vendors to sell their products to customers across the world in partnership with the global e-commerce company eBay India. Recently, Flipkart completed the acquisition of eBay.in following an investment of $500 million by the global e-commerce company earlier this year.

The new program is named as Flipkart Global which allows almost 100,000 vendors to sell their products to 170 million active customers of eBay online over 190 countries. Some of the countries include the UK, US, Germany, and Canada. Flipkart recently launched its own brand Billion which manufactures products in India and caters Indian customer need and eventually made them available in other countries.

Flipkart acquires eBay India, raise up to $2 billion funding

Anil Goteti, head of eBay Indian business at Flipkart said, Flipkart Global allows not just Indian customers in other parts of the world to access these products, but also will target a lot of global customers. He also added, “We want to encourage Indian manufacturing especially in categories such as jewellery, lifestyle, saris and other made in India products.”

As part of the Flipkart Global, Flipkart will list all its Indian products over 35 eBay platform and aid them in shipping, market trends, and maintenance. The company said, over 25000 dealers will be joining Flipkart Global.

Flipkart e-commerce competitor Amazon launched Global Selling Program back in 2015. Amazon has over 23,000 Indian dealers selling over 60 million products globally. Similarly, Alibaba-backed Paytm that is scaling its e-commerce operations under the new brand Paytm Mall to open shipments to China. As of now, Flipkart has the range of only 12 million products being sold in Global Selling Programme.

Flipkart will initially start this program for Gold category sellers and eventually extend it to other sellers as well. Goteti said, “This is a large opportunity for us. We are looking to build on it with our massive seller base, the expertise of eBay India along with Flipkart’s technology and marketplace strength.”

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Flipkart acquires eBay India, raise up to $2 billion funding

flipkart ebay

One in a couple of largest e-commerce company in India, Flipkart has announced its acquisition of eBay India. Recently, the company has announced its fresh funding around $2 billion. This move from the e-commerce giant helps to fight with its rival Amazon. The acquisition will take up the eBay India operations and become a part of Flipkart.

eBay was launched back in 2004, and the failed to bring users close to e-commerce portal in India. The debut of companies like Snapdeal, Flipkart, and Amazon has pushed the eBay behind the pack. Reports say that eBay has listed even below the Paytm and Shopclues. As per filings with the registrar of companies, eBay has reported huge losses of Rs 262 crore in the FY 2015-2016.

Flipkart Electronic Sale: Offers on Mobiles and Electronic Gadgets

When asked about the happening issue, eBay India spokesperson said, “eBay does not comment on market speculations.”

Flipkart secured its recent funding around $10 billion, which is below the $15.5 billion valuations which the company saw in 2015. The latest round of funding included investors from Tencent, eBay, and Microsoft. Latif Nathani, head of eBay India has quit the company recently. Earlier in November, the company has fired about 100 of its workforces at its technology center in Bengaluru.

Flipkart is fighting strong in the few months to raise funds, and the latest round will help the Flipkart to stand strong with its rival Amazon.in. Flipkart is negotiating with US retail giant Walmart to raise funds had not closed and that the US Company may invest in the medium term e-commerce.

EBay’s Founder Invested $500,000 into an Experiment Giving Free Money

EBay's Founder Invested $500,000 into an Experiment Giving Free Money

The founder of EBay, Pierre Omidyar invested $493,000 to the charity GiveDirectly in Kenya. It is an experiment that tests an upcoming solution for the poverty known as primary income. People who are getting basic income receive a set of the amount on a regular basis to cover their expenses like food, clothing and rent.

Pierre Omidyar started the Omidyar Network which is the philanthropic investment arm. The GiveDirectly charity is running a small service in just Kenyan villages at present. However, once the experiment launches in a few months, it will be the largest basic income research. Under this, more than 26,000 people will receive free money in some form whether for 12 years, or just a couple of months or it may extend the time.

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“Omidyar Network’s foundational belief that empowering people frees them to better themselves, their families, and their communities has great evidence in the growing discussion on the benefits of cash transfers,” manager Tracy Williams and partner Mike Kubzansky wrote in the blog post announcing about Omidyar’s investment.

According to the studies performed, it suggests that only good comes from helping the poor people in their financial needs. As per the research was done by the officials said that people’s stress goes down when the self-sufficiency goes up. By helping people, they can start business sent their kids to school and even make necessary home repairs on basic income.

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However, up to now, GiveDirectly raised $23.7 million of its targeted $30 million. Omidyar has expressed optimism that once it begins, it will produce many fruitful insights. A spokesperson from the GiveDirectly charity said, “unlike those of any past study and provide evidence-based arguments to shed light on the conversations around the future of work and poverty alleviation policies.”

E-Bay Sells Rs 2000 Notes for Rs 1.5 Lakh

eBay Sells Rs 2000 Notes for Rs 1.5 Lakh: 2000 Notes Have Importance

Do you want Rs 2000 Notes? Then no need to stand outside ATM’s for a long time. If you want newly launched 2000 Rs notes, then immediately go to online and get it.  The online shopping portal eBay has come with a different trend to see notes with a luck series.

Do you have faith on religious implications or choosing lucky numbers for mobile and vehicle numbers? However, like vehicle numbers you can also get newly released Rs 2000 with a lucky series number through online and the golden opportunity is being offered by e-commerce portal eBay India.

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On Wednesday, new Rs 2000 notes were sold out on eBay at a starting price of Rs. 3,500 based on the series of note. Coming to the news, the merchant from Delhi has offered a series of five Rs. 2000 notes starting with the number 786 for Rs 1.5 lakh in online. He didn’t mention his name, but he started a new type of business to cash people who have faith in numbers and numerology.

The unknown merchant said, “In India, many people have sentiments and faith on numbers with religious significance. They are ready to pay the premium for goods that have numbers with pious implication such as Vehicle numbers, mobile numbers, and residential addresses.”

Questioning to eBay India about the listing of currency in their web portal, a representative belongs to eBay said as an independent online marketplace and an intercessor, it doesn’t exercise control on items listed by independent sellers on the site.

Reports stated that, in last year July, MP High Court had sent notices to many e-commerce sites including eBay for allegedly selling Indian Currency carrying unique numbers in online.  After Modi Government announced the ban of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes on November 8. Now smaller currencies such as Rs 20 and Rs 50 notes also jumbled online to sell them at a profit. Do you know? Rs 20 notes sold out for nearly Rs 900 for three notes. While Rs 50 notes with series 786 selling at Rs 5,000 for a single note.

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Man Puts up Wife on Sale On eBay

Wife on Sale On eBay

When you have a quarrel with your other half, you might feel a little disappoint, stomping off to the pub or just stealing the last slice of pizza. But what you likely didn’t expect that you find in the list of eBay.

This sounds crazy right!!! But this exactly happened to the Leandra, 27, from Wakefield. After an argument with her husband, the father-of-two decided to sell his wife on eBay. Moving to the details, the 33-year old Simon O’ Kane in the UK puts his wife on eBay for sale, and he claims that she was unsympathetic.

 ‘Ghost Town’ On Sale for $350,000 On Craigslist

The shocking news is that it was staggered to receive 65,880pounds of bids in two days. He even posted an image of his wife on the auction site eBay alongside with an advertisement entitled as ‘Used Car’ and also detailing his reasons for selling, pros & cons of the purchase.

Man Puts up Wife on Sale On eBay

He highlighted her ‘decent bodyworks and skills in the kitchen’. While positives include bodywork, paintwork and good skills in the kitchen, negatives include noise creation and food cooked ended up the people in hospital on few occasions. In Terms & Conditions Apply section he even wrote, Once you brought cannot return, Ever!!.

Leandra wasn’t exactly thrilled to find her husband and wanted to find her husband and included, “I was absolutely fuming – I wanted to kill him. “Everyone at work saw it and were laughing their heads off. Not only did he put me up for sale but he used such a bad photo. She threatened to get revenge on him through ‘his wallet.”

Thankfully, eBay removed the post and wasn’t long for more time and hopefully saves them.