S-400 Triumf the much discussed and trending name across the world these days.It is the name of the Russian missile system which India had bought through a deal in the BRICS 2016.

With the addition of this superpower missile system, India had made its Armour adamant. This missile is known to be one of the formidable technologies around the world. The S-400 deal had not only made bonding between India and Russia strong but also displayed India’s stand on Defense.

S-400 A Major armor for Indian Air-force, Signed by Modi and Putin
Here let us see some of the exciting and cool facts about the S-400 Triumf Missile
  • The Russian S-400 Triumf missile system is also well-known by its NATO codename of SA-21 “Growler.
  • It is a surface-to-air missile system that is designed and produced by the Russia’s Almaz-Antey Central Design Bureau.
  • The S-400 is the updated variant of the S-300 missile system, and its firing rate is 2.5 times faster than the earlier one.

  • It is the most capable and lethal long-range air defense missile system on the planet.
  • The S-400 Triumf can demolish incoming drones, Missiles within a range of 400 km, and that’s the reason behind 400 in its name.
  • The S-400 missile system can knock down and destroy aerodynamic flying targets even with Low-Observable Technology
Indian government to spend $150 billion to Modernise the Armed Forces
  • S-400 Triumf Known to be Russia’s most advanced defense system has made the USA and other NATO countries nervous.
  • The long-range radars of S-400 can track hundreds of targets at the same time and can shoot them down.
  • By owing the S-400 missile system, India will be more powerful, and it will be a strong message to its Rival Pakistan.

  • Not only India but China also had ordered for the S-400 Missile System way back in 2014 from Russia. It was $3 billion deal, and the deliveries will initiate from 2017 onwards.
  • As per the reports, India is buying three S-400 systems from Russia. The Modi government is planning to deploy one in west direction, i.e., Pakistan and two in the east that towards the China.

  • One of the important features of S-400 missile system is it has eight launchers which are meant for detection and control.
  • The combat capabilities of this missile system strongly depend on the types of missiles used.

image source: indiandefensenews