One of the hardest and stressful part is finding the flight ticket with the right price. Whether you’re heading home for the holidays or escaping to some unusual destination, you look for the best and right flight.

In the US according to the statistics, 69% of Leisure travelers are worried about their bookings either regarding the best price and best decision while booking the trip. This kind of purchases will worry with the financial investments, home improvements, or other electronic purchases.

Now Google Flights is making it easier than ever to choose the right flight for your trip.  As per the recent update in the Google flights, it will help you to book your ticket with more confidence in the right time with the best price. It also shows when the prices are expected to increase for particular flights and the routes you are interested in.

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Soon after selecting the specific flight, you will get the notification which let you when the current fare is expected to expire and how much amount you can save if you book now.

For Example, the flight to Dubai fare might get increased in more eight hours and you would likely to save $100 if you proceed to before that time.

If you are currently not ready for the booking with your trip, still you can choose and track your flight or route. You will receive the notifications via emails letting you know when the prices are expected to change. All the details like fare expiration and the expected price jump notifications will roll out soon everywhere where the Google flights are available.

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You can also receive the updates when the prices get increased or decreased for the respective flights, and you can track regularly. You can manage seamlessly when you visit the Google flights next time on your phone.

If you are still looking for the best destination and where to travel, then you can check the explore option available. It is loaded with the several destinations, and you can choose where to travel.

You can even book the hotels along with your bookings. So now don’t get stressed with your travel plan in booking the tickets. Google flights are here to save you lot of money and time on Flights and Hotels.